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yellow blanket


hello, nice to see you again!


while many others are busy with creating a variety of christmas things and gifts, i have continued working on my new blanket. i have many rows crocheted and pulled out again, especially the orange and gray parts. it was a long search for stitch patterns that i liked and then found that i was short of the gray yarn. so it was necessary to order a few extra balls and wait for the delivery man.

long and narrow

it will be a narrow blanket, long and wide enough to lie under on the couch and small enough to wrap around you.

below you can see a few pictures, i’m curious what you think of it.

to be continued…

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hope you have a lovely and creative week!

7 thoughts on “yellow blanket

  1. Love it! Great work!

  2. I love this blanket!! Well done so far, I can’t wait to see it finished. Best Wishes Chris Xx

  3. Mooi wordt ie! Je hebt een aparte rand ontworpen, leuk die kleuren zo bij elkaar. Groetjes, Sandra

  4. Ooo, I LOVE the yellow and grey together!!! This is SO pretty!

  5. The blanket looks great! I like your color combinations.

  6. so what did you do while you waited for the delivery man ? 🙂

  7. 😀 Nothing spectacular actually. Vivianne. Thanks for stopping by!