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8 thoughts on “new blanket

  1. I’m like that too – always giving the blankets away. I have kept a few of my favorites though. Enjoy crocheting your new blanket. 🙂

  2. Making a blanket sounds like your are working on an enormous project, but in fact it depends very much on the choices that you make when you start.With the right yarn and the right stitches it might go faster than you would expect.And it is so rewarding to make yourself a nice, warm blanket! I would like to have a bed with blankets that I crocheted myself… But if that will really happen, I don???t know.

  3. This look so snuggly already! The yellow is a lovely color.

  4. I hope your blanket making helps to keep you warm while you work! I love a large project to set on my lap during cold weather.

  5. love the yellow! and love the stitches :)Can you believe I never made a blanket?? o_o I will get to it, at some point!!

  6. Hope you get your blanket finished soon, it’s such a lovely warm colour. I’m thinking of making myself a crochet ripple blanket in all different colours.

  7. Looking good, how long does it take you to finish up a blanket?x

  8. How quickly a blanket is ready, depends on the type of yarn and size. A blanket of small squares, cotton yarn and crochet hook size 3 mm, I have been working on over 6 months. This blanket I think will be finished in about two  weeks, but I hope even faster because I’m cold.