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scarf/cowl with buttons


a white blouse full of stains, washed, no idea why i still had hanging it in the closet. now it is a cleaning cloth, but i cut off the buttons. 

scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree

for a while i thought of a scarf i got crocheted years ago and kept in the box with gifts. i got it out because i need a new scarf…. *cough*, repeat between * and * at least 3 times…

this is the scarf and i wanted to sew buttons on it.

scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree

lucky me that i made 1 sc, 2 ch, 1 sc at both ends of the scarf. these spaces may well serve as loops for the buttons. 


this is the result
scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andreescarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree



a scarf like this exists in many versions, but this is mine and is also for a novice crocheter easy to make (i think). it can be as long or as short and as wide or narrow as you want it to be. use shining or glitter thread and you have a beautiful scarf for a festive dinner.



completely forgotten: my scarf measures approx 180 cm and the buttons have a diameter of 1.2 cm.


material and stitches
  • almost every type of yarn is suitable for this project.
    my yarn is an variegated acrylic yarn suitable for crochet hook size 4 mm, i used 1 ball of 100 gram and buttons.
  • used stitches (american terms):
    chain (ch), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc).
it goes like this
  • create a long line of chains.
  • row 1.
    1 dc into the 4th chain from hook and into the next 3 chains (= 5 dc), *make 14 chains, skip 14 chains, 1 dc into the next 5 chains*, repeat between * and * until you have the length you like to have, 2 ch, turn.
    leave the remaining chains unworked, you can detach them when finishing your scarf.
  • row 2.
    1 dc into the next 4 dc, *14 chains, 1 dc into the next 5 dc*, repeat until end of row, 2 ch, turn. 
  • repeat row 2 until your scarf has the size you like.

    scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree
  • weave in the ends.
  • attach yarn to one short end of the scarf, 1ch, 1 sc over the first two dc (see photo), *2 ch, 1 sc over the next 2 dc*, repeat between * and * until end of row and do the same at the other end of the scarf.
    scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree
  • weave in the ends.


finishing your scarf
  • detach the remaining stitches of your beginning chains and weave in the ends. 
  • sew buttons on one end of your scarf
    scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree


you are ready!

scarf/cowl with buttons - elisabeth andree


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  1. Prachtig !!! Maar helaas ben ik niet goed in het lezen van Engelse patronen, is er ook een Nederlandstalig patroon ?XXX

  2. your creation s fabulous…crochet s something cool with amazing design…

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  4. Gorgeous scarf!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you have a fabulous week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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  5. @MissMiss With a long line of chains I mean a long string of chains. Crochet chains until you have the length you like to have, then you start with row 1. Hope this will help !

  6. What do you mean by a long line of chains?

  7. This is cute! The buttons really glam it up, making this scarf look much more elegant. What a great idea.

  8. Great scarf … I wish to have such a beautiful accessory. If you always exceptionally beautiful knitted things. Greetings.

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  10. Beautiful scarf: colors resemble a frosty winter morning.First it looked like a complicated design to me, but after reading the tutorial I could imagine how it is made and that is actually quite easy.The buttons make the scarf even more interesting.I will keep this design in mind.Have a good weekend!

  11. I love this design, it looks beautiful! I think the buttons give it a lovely edge!

  12. Beautiful scarf! Love the colors ???

  13. I love everything about this scar: style, colors, and the added buttons! Thanks for the pattern too 🙂

  14. I really love this one Andree! The colours are beautiful.. and the little buttons finish it off perfectly! hugs, Jill x