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dressed up vases with flowers


a few people have asked me how the vases with the crocheted covers look with flowers in it. just before the weekend i have made a few pictures and well, what do you think?

i hope you enjoy your weekend, whether it is fully planned with activities or very relaxed!


9 thoughts on “dressed up vases with flowers

  1. I love these! Very cool and calm design x

  2. these stitches are so perfect: you are a human crocheting machine! they look wonderful! xox, d.www.inspirationrealisation.com

  3. I am still in love with your vases, they look cute with the flowers but I think they are stunning all on their own.x

  4. They look very pretty. 🙂

  5. These vase covers are so elegant.(I keep on discovering items on your blog! The vintage crochet designs are interesting. Thanks for showing.)

  6. They look really elegant!

  7. These look very sophisticated – really lovely well done!

  8. Cool idea…and very pretty too!

  9. That’s a great idea – you got one cover for all possible flower colours?