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hello, thank you for visiting my blog!

spread over a longer period of time i am cleaning up a walk in closet. i live in a very small apartment and do not have a shed, attic or basement, so i store everything in there. recently i’ve given away many of my books and magazines and more stuff. during a previous cleanup session i have discarded lots of stuff from my childhood, but i knew that i had kept things of my grandmother somewhere.

in a box with pieces of fabric this is what i found, i have taken a few pictures, you might find it nice to see:


patterns for dresses of my mother. my mother could knit, crochet and sew and she was very good at it. check this out if you like


crafts magazine (1957)

and templates for stuffed animals of my grandmother. i think she made many stuffed animals for her grandchildren, but i can only remember the little dachshund of one of my brothers. it was dark brown with embroidered eyes and mouth. 

the ‘tok tok’ is a pattern for a knitted duck with felt beak and legs.



and a burda magazine that i bought in 1977. it is written in german, but the manual with patterns in dutch. here you see some pages:


crochet patterns




knitting patterns

the sweater you see here my mother knitted for me, but i no longer have it.
and this sweater is lovely, but i don’t like the moustache;)
i hope you have enjoyed to see these old family things?

3 thoughts on “old family things

  1. I love seeing vintage patterns. I wonder how many there are hidden away in houses. I think the one I like best is the embroidered folksy dress. That sweater is quite something.

  2. Elisabeth, these are great! my mom has so many of those old magazines. she keeps all of them! some of those old patterns are great and if you used them today they would be a great hit!

  3. There are some really lovely pieces there for inspiration. I agree, the moustache is terrible!!Bimbi x