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wip – three projects


it’s wednesday and that means wip day 🙂 and i am curious about the projects of my fellow crochet/knit/needlework/other crafts bloggers. 
this three projects i’m working on: a bag, a warmer version of the necklace with strings and a sort of stole. the stole is almost done, the bag and the necklace progress nicely.


of course i will keep you informed.
see you soon!
more work (in progress) can be found here:

6 thoughts on “wip – three projects

  1. They all look lovely! Love the bag… gorgeous 🙂

  2. Pretty! I really like those yellows and whites. The string necklace is a pretty cool concept. I’d totally wear it.

  3. Lovely fall neutrals 🙂 The stringed necklace looks really neat !

  4. Your projects are looking wonderful. I’m quite curious about the necklace you’re making. It looks really interesting.

  5. This is very intriguing! cannot wait to see how you progress!

  6. Can’t wait to see the finished goodies :)x