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one of the things i really miss in my life is to have a pet, but because of my allergies some hairy cuteness in my home is not an option. today i feel good because i am going to send – next to a fleece blanket, towels and more – a few of my crocheted blankets to the animal center in the hague. soon it gets colder and an acrylic blanket gives some warmth.

the people there work hard and have financial difficulties. to help it is possible to send a text message and thereby donate 2 euros. i’ve done that a few times because it is a way you can make a contribution even if you have a small budget.


sorry i forgot to write what you see on the picture:

  • top: the multicolored ‘blanket’ that you see is a large hexagon i made from leftover cotton yarn that i had knotted together.
  • middle: the blanket with orange is the orange and stripes blanket and more information and the stitch pattern you can find via this link
  • bottom: more information on the green blanket you will find under stitch patterns/ripples on this page
i will soon be back with a tutorial, hope to see you then!

11 thoughts on “cats and dogs

  1. We used to have poodles because my son has severe eczema and asthma… apparently their hair is ‘wool’ not hairs so the protein is different… they hardly drop any either… maybe you could have a little poodle?? Lovely idea to give blankets to some lonely animals though… Jill x

  2. What a lovely idea, I am sure all the animals will be so grateful.Hope you are feeling better this week.x

  3. I too have allergies, but that’s probably not the main reason I enjoy not having pets. I like the freedom of not being tied down to a particular schedule to let animals in and out, and travel quite a bit. I like not having to find someone to take care of them. I also like not having cat hair or dog hair on my current knitted or crocheted projects. Used to have cats, which are far easier then dogs, but when they passed we called it quits on animals. I can enjoy all around my neighborhood though, we have more animals on the street then we have people, because everyone has multiples. lol

  4. Wonderful idea to help care for animals, even if you can’t live with one due to allergies. Glad I stopped over from the Yarn Along.

  5. That is neat. Those blankets are so pretty.

  6. You are a very generous person, I am so territorial about my work, it is an event when I give something to my children.I do not have a pet anymore, by choice. Not only I live now in a flat, but suddenly deciding to leave without worrying about what to do with a pet is a bliss for me…and for the pet!

  7. Beautiful – such a lovely thought for the animals!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you have a fabulous week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    <a href=http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/ >http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/ </a>

  8. Hi Andree, thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating my work :)You have crocheted many beautiful things!! I just saw the round cushions; this style is new to me. I will definitely try that!:)Keep in touch!Preeti.

  9. Have you ever thought about getting a hairless cat or dog?

  10. How very nice and thoughtful and they will get such comfort from them, very pretty too! Best wishes!

  11. Hello…..I just found your blog and Love all your stuff. And I’m impressed how many project you already did….maybe you have magic hooky fingers….One thing you can check in the net is a Siberian Cat. It’s THE cat for allegic catlovers! My friend has one now since 3 month and everything is perfect! Goog luck and much more hooky time!!Greetings from PortugalClaudia