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hello here i am again! nice to see you!


the diamonds blanket progresses but my left shoulder hurts so much that i’ve started a small project, so i can sit and work in a better posture. after that i go back to work on my large project. regarding the blanket: the last strip is ready but i yet have to attach it onto the blanket, the embroidery is done although i have many threads to weave in at the back. after those two jobs are done i can crochet the edge.


about the small project i will tell you more next time. i try to make a tutorial for beginning crocheters but posterous does not work well anymore but i’ll try to publish it. to be continued. 


hope to see you soon!

10 thoughts on “two projects

  1. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. 🙂

  2. Andree,Beautiful work. Love the bright pink, so cheerful.thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.Karen

  3. I still like how you are sewing in the designs on the diamonds blanket. My curiosity is up on what your small project might be.

  4. Thank you Pearlin J.

  5. Love the colour.Hope the pain goes away soon.

  6. Thanks for your kind comments Carly and Mistea! 🙂

  7. Hi Natalie,Thank you for your sweet message. I have long bothered by sore neck and shoulders, but now my left shoulder is very painful. The cause lies with my balance problems and too long in succession computing and crocheting. I pay attention to my posture and if I am dizzy I slow down. Hope you are doing fine!!Thanks for stopping by:)

  8. Nice crochet – Lovely colours in your new project.Gorgeous blanket too.

  9. Hi Elisabeth,Sorry to hear your shoulder is sore. Is it from being too creative or did you hurt it somewhere else?I am thinking of you and hope that you feel better soon. x

  10. Beautiful colours and photos. I need to learn to crochet 🙂