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a sad story about little squares



from time to time my pinterest friend jeannette writes the sweetest comments on my blog. she was also enthusiastic about the little squares of my tutorial and started making a blanket. occasionally i asked her how it went along and she wrote she was busy crocheting. 

on her tumblr she had some pictures posted, but she was not satisfied with the quality because the weather / light was so bad in ireland where she and her husband live. i would love to publish her photos on my blog and we agreed that we would wait until they had better weather and therefore could make better pictures.

she hooked the squares of linen yarn and that i had not seen before (only cotton), i think the result is beautiful.


last week jeannette wrote me that after a day out with her husband she had forgotten to load her basket with crochet work into the car… a search the next morning turned up nothing and she was not in a very good mood.

it is now a few days later and it is still on my mind. what a complete disaster, your crochet work of weeks and weeks completely gone. i would not be a pleasant human for a while, i think. 

how would you feel if this would happen to you?

if you like you can write it in a comment.

on jeannette’s tumblr you can see beautiful photos:

12 thoughts on “a sad story about little squares

  1. I had an afterthought, we could all crochet a square and send it to Jeanette?!x

  2. Oh that is awful, I do feel sorry for her, what a loss!I would be so stressed about something like that.x

  3. What a very sweet idea Natalie!

  4. I would be sooo upset. But what can you do? It’s gone. I feel bad for her.

  5. Oh my goodness – I would feel so bad. I’m sorry that that happened to your friend.

  6. What a terrible thing to happen, I would have been so angry for days.Let’s hope that the basket was found by someone who is now enjoying your work and thinks that it is a gift from Heaven.

  7. That really stinks!

  8. Hello ladies, thank you for your responses! @lynda Tangible memories away, that’s sad!@elmey What a huge loss, I can imagine you do not care much about the rest. @Kathryn That is some amazing story, thanks for sharing the link.@Jeannette You have already asked the fisherman?

  9. What a shame, such lovely colors and so much work! A few years ago my suitcase was lost, never found, and I had a very complicated, almost finished cross stitch in it. I was more upset about losing that than the clothes and other things.Perhaps the blanket will find you again 🙂

  10. Although it’s not quite the same, this post reminded me of another story that eventually had a happy ending:http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/2012/05/stolen-crochet-returns-home-after-25-years/

  11. It was my own fault. But boy….I was really annoyed with it. I had made hundreds of the wee squares and had almost finished the joining. I left in in one of the most beautiful spots, on the rocks of a tiny fishing village. My only hope is that the local fishermen caught it in their nets and saved that catch of the day for me. 😉 I most definitely will make another little sqaures blanket but only this time…..not on the rocks.

  12. Obviously after the time etc. not happy. One move my husband forgot to load my wedding gown in a bag, which also had my wedding shoes, which also had my "something old" that was a 1847 penny handed down through generations. No, it wasn’t there when checked back. It still makes me wince, but you have to either have an attitude that marriage can’t resolve over things like that, if ever, or end a marriage over material things. We have been married for over 30 years since that incident.