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crocheted blue diamonds 5


It’s very hot here in the netherlands and i mean VERY HOT. in the place i live it is about 33 degrees celsius today. how is the weather at your place? can you continue working on your project?

i have constantly clammy hands and can only crochet in the evening when the temperature drops slightly. it’s weird because very recently the plants in the garden floated around of all the rain pouring down. because of the heat i hide myself in my apartment and spent my time usefully with weaving in many many many yarn ends.  

this was the view of the back of my work, it’s a bit scary, isn’t it.

it took me hours and hours and i still need a few hours to finish it. it’s been a bit difficult to weave in the ends in a way you can not see it at the front.



 now i plan to do this job right when i’m embroidering, so this won’t happen again.


hope you have a good week ahead with agreeable temperatures!



4 thoughts on “crocheted blue diamonds 5

  1. Oh yes, this is so familiar… welcome to my life! This is what it’s like in Brisbane 9 months of the year and it does make crocheting soooo difficult. I have been known to crochet with thin cotton gloves on 😉 haha! Good luck with your project Andr??e! It’s looking fabulous 🙂 Kx

  2. Bonjour to my voisine, neigbor( I am Belgium, from Wallonia)Well like you said it is VERY hot here also, but waouh! this monday was a bit better because clouds came over teh sun, but the earth is so burned that the heat is still up to 25 or more?I live in a small house with garden next to a canal and a river…yet better than if I was living in a appartment in town! I pitty those who had to live this heat in a romm under the sealing!Well I love your crochet work and idea of embroidery over it.It is very nice and interessting.I have never done it ,but it is in my mind to make some ine day.It must have been difficult to crochet or saw with that heat, and being all sweatty! like you said it takes hours to pull the yarn insiude so it does not show in the front of teh work…I have been experimenting this with a long pancho made of so many different colors..waouh! I should have put in the yarn rigt away when one row of a color was finished and starting a new row of a new color also!Hoping you feel better now that clouds are coming back to usFleurBelge

  3. Yes, crocheting always feels like a cold weather activity:) It is hard to do when it is so hot. I live in the Southwestern part of the United States and it is ever so hot here and we have a drought going on. But I do sit inside under a great air conditioner and pretend its cold and grab my yarn:) I always enjoy visiting and seeing your beautiful creations:)Have an amazing (and hopefully cooler) day

  4. Oh – that does look scary. It’s all worth it though because your blanket is looking very pretty. Have a good day. 🙂