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crocheted blue diamonds 2



for those who thought i was going to make another blanket, were right. i love to make blankets!

yesterday i had the third strip attached to the other two and now i am working on the fourth one.



the colors are black, midnight blue (naval) and teal / petrol (canard), the strips i crochet to each other with dark green (cedre). these are all dark colors, which is beautiful to my opinion but a few lighter shades are necessary to make the blanket a bit brighter.


what i will do with the lighter colors, i still will not give away yet. but here is a hint: it’s something that i have done before …this does not help you very much, does it? 🙂 


i can visualize what i will do with the colors, hopefully in reality the design will be pretty too.

soon i’ll tell you more about it. hope to see you again!

10 thoughts on “crocheted blue diamonds 2

  1. Looking good x

  2. This looks nice. I like the long diamonds, and the colors.

  3. It looks great. The diamonds are so cool looking.

  4. There is always an idea for another blanket! 😉

  5. Cool idea, can one ever have enough blankets?x

  6. Oops, posted before I was done 😦 I just wanted to add that I am loving the blanket thus far and am hoping you will be making another bag with the lighter colours as I love looking at your bag creations!x

  7. it looks wonderful!

  8. Cool when two different colour triangles come together to make a diamond!

  9. Your blanket is just so beautiful Andr??e! I love these colours so much and those greens are just perfect. Kx

  10. Your blanket is looking very nice so far. 🙂