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summer and crochet garlands

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concerning the accessibility of my blog, it was a strange week. i hope you have noticed nothing when you came here for a visit but posterous went down a few times. even now the problem is still not completely solved even though they – i noticed – have worked through the weekend. it’s a bunch of young people that works very hard. it is unfortunate that it happened, for the bloggers and for them.
the summer is here for a few days in the netherlands, it is very warm and the sun burns with a high UV index. thanks to my big gray parasol, i can sit in de garden. 
working on

i’m doing a large filet crochet project with the diamond-shaped motifs. it is a very enjoyable project to work on, but the colors look weird on the photo, so i post about this another time.

garland curtain

the garlands that you could see last week too… i just put the project on hold, but the intention is to make a curtain to hang in a doorway.


how to make

if you like to adopt the idea, i have no pattern, but i can tell you roughly how i’m going to make that curtain.

1. define what the length of the garlands will be 
2. crochet the garlands    

  • or my tutorial for the spring garland see here
  • but also the first row of a stitch pattern, such as a ripple stitch or a bobble stitch pattern 
  • or: make a number of chains, then create 3, 5, 7 or more picots, make a number of chains, etc.

and there is so much more to consider.

the top

measuring the width of the door opening (window), and determine the division of garlands on the number of cm. begin with a number of chains and attach the garlands one by one until you reach the end of the width. crochet than a number of rows of single crochets or double crochets until you are satisfied with the size. you can also make more rows so you can fold it to create a tunnel suitable for a curtain rod.

the bottom side

you can weave in the ends and/or attach beads or shells onto the garlands.

some options for mounting methods:
  1. to a – thin – curtain rod or wire, rope, a bamboo stick, attach with those little pegs on rings.
  2. you can also choose to not crochet a top piece, but to hang the garlands separately with those little pegs with rings onto a bamboo stick (garden center).
hope you like it?!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the posterous problems. I’ve had server problems for more than a month now (in the process of transitioning hosts) and it’s bee a big headache!The garland curtain is super cute!