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black shoulder bag with metal rings


project done!


this is a bag that i’ve crocheted about two years ago. all i had to do now was to create a flap with a button closure. it is for a friend, who herself will make a lining for the bag (yay!). finally a PhD (project half done) completed.

here are some pictures:
hope to see you soon again!

14 thoughts on “black shoulder bag with metal rings

  1. That bag is fantastic! I love it. Great job.

  2. I love your crochet bag, it is very elegant and beautiful!Thank you for sharing on Creative Friday.WarmlyLinda

  3. This bag is lovely and very versatile you could dress it up or down. Seen you at lovely crafty home.Maria <a href="http://www.crafty-chic.blogspot.com"&gt; Crafty Chic</a>

  4. Hey Elizabeth, fab bag and well done on finishing it off.Looks very stylish with the hardware…….lucky friend.Claire

  5. Congratulations for getting a UFO out of the way 🙂 I managed to get one finished this week too 😉 (sewing though, not knitting).

  6. I love your bag, and super cute hardware!

  7. I love what you have done with the strap, very cool, your stuff is always so trendy, I wish I had just a little of your talent! Hope the headache is better! x

  8. This is awesome! I love it! The straps are very cool.

  9. Lovely bag. I always wonder why I cast things almost finished aside. I think it is because when rediscovered they are a joy and quick to finish.

  10. What a lovely bag!!!

  11. Adorable! I loved the craft ideas of other bloggers too…Thanks for sharing!www.blissfulsewing.blogspot.com

  12. Love this bag also I have a Blog Hop on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this post tomorrow. You can find it atwww.adornedfromabove.comIt is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop.I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.Debi BolocofskyAdorned From Abovewww.adornedfromabove.com

  13. It’s fabulous Andr??e! Gorgeous design and I’m always a fan of black yarn – it looks so lustrous 🙂 Kx

  14. Hi Elizabeth,What a lovely bag you did!! Love the color and the model. Looks very fashion :)Paula