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just a short post to tell you i am busy crocheting a lot of strings to make a few more necklaces. the mini-squares-little-black-bag gets its shape.

for those who asked me if the strings consist of only chains: no it are almost all chains and single crochets (1 ch, 1 sc, 1 ch, 1 sc, etc.). only in the necklace with red, pink and orange are two strings of only chains, but they have been made of two colors strands.

here are a few pictures:
have a nice day!



7 thoughts on “crocheted strings

  1. Love all those strings! The green colors on the end are lovely!

  2. Oh, I love all of this, especially the black crocheted bag.

  3. I knew your black squared bag would be wonderful, and it is….I adore it!x

  4. Really nice, I love the bag its really stunning. Thanks for posting how you made the ‘strings’ I should try these out with some of my smaller odd balls in my stash.

  5. The pillow is wonderful, and you’ve got some very pretty colors with your strings…keep us posted on your necklaces.

  6. Looking wonderful! The bag is very cute.Blessings,Kate

  7. pretty colours 😀