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hello! i’m glad you visit my blog again:)

it’s finally sunny weather in the netherlands and i’m going to enjoy crocheting in my garden later, but first this post to you and then mop the floors:(

can you remember this bag?


yesterday i finished it. it has now an elongated flap with on one side a round end with a buttonhole and at the front and back a pocket.


it took a while before i knew what closure i would make, but then i saw this picture of a vintage bag and then i knew. i’ve looked at the pattern of it and i started working with a different number of stitches and this is the result.


the pockets front and back, i started to crochet from the bag, only the sides i have sewn. about the latter i am not completely satisfied, but i can not get it better.

travel, travel

the bag goes on a long journey: from my home via amsterdam airport he goes to poland, where a good fairy will provide the bag with a liner. then he travels on to america where he is hopefully welcome and will be used with pleasure.




little one(s)

next to the large bag i crocheted this little one. it is the flap again with a long handle and a gerry flower as a closure.


additionally there is a garland with gerry flowers, triangles, squares and more, so all the girls in the house get a gift. 

ewa this package comes to you, but as you can read you must have some patience…



this was it for today.
i wish you all a very enjoyable week!


16 JUNE 2012

thanks for all your kind responses on the yellow bag, here is a brief explanation. 

i have no pattern for it, i did it myself without but if you’re an experienced crocheter you can do this too: 
  • make a number of chains depending on the width of the bag you want, but a bit shorter because you’re going to multiply.
  • crochet h dc in every ch on both sides of the chains, and at both ends of the chains you make four or five h dc. just try what gives the best result, it depends on your yarn etc. in the next rows – for both ends – multiply the number of stitches the same way you do when you crocheting something round. this creates an oval shaped bottom.
  • if the bottom of your bag is large enough, continue to crochet in the round without adding stitches. keep crocheting without making beginnings and ends of the rows. 
  • at the top of your bag you then make a number of rows of only single crochets, this gives your bag a little more shape and firmness.
  • and in those rows you create on both sides an opening for the handles. it’s basically the same as buttonholes, only somewhat larger.
  • on this page you will find a link to the pattern for a vintage bag. you can use the explanation for the flap, but also that you have to customize to fit your own bag.

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