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a sign of life


how are you doing? 

i’m doing pretty good, with the usual ups and downs. 

to those who have written kind and encouraging words, messages, mails and more: thank you, thank you! it has really done me very well!



i have not taken a final decision on whether or not i continue doing blogging, but it must be said …. i tend more towards yes. the problem lies mainly in the fact that i myself impose/force too much and thereby the writing and taking pictures for my blog feels like something i have to do instead like something that i love to do. i must stop this behavior.  

frankly, i’m already working on making a tutorial for not so experienced crocheters because there were some requests for a ‘not so complicated’ project. a tutorial is in the making.


in the spotlight



for all her support i would like to put jeannette in the spotlight. she and her husband are dutch but they live in ireland. if you love to see their impressions of the country in words and pictures, their website is certainly worth a visit: dutchyonwalkabout

and if you like i’m crazy about crocheting, jeannette’s pinterest boards together form an encyclopedia. also certainly worth a visit! pinterest.com/jeannette


pearl of the beading gem’s journal

a while back i got a few emails from people who wanted to publish my work on their website. after one or two mails i usually hear nothing about it anymore, but pearl of beadinggem.com mailed me this week:

“Hi Elisabeth,

As promised, here is the link to my blog post which featured your awesome tutorial!


Many thanks,



many thanks again to you pearl! 


if you next to crochet also love making jewelry, beadinggem is loaded, so there can be found something to your liking.



this is it for now, i’m back soon. wishing you a fantastic week!



3 thoughts on “a sign of life

  1. Dank je voor je lieve woorden. Je hebt mijn man laten blozen. 😉 En mocht je ooit zin hebben om Ierland te bezoeken., de koffie staat klaar. Neem wel regenlaarsen en een dikke trui mee. Het weer is momenteel typisch Iers. Veel regen met sporadisch wat zon. Yuk!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Do stick with blogging. It is a long term project and if you are like me, it will grow on you!

  3. I hope you have a good week too. 🙂