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easter break


a few days i have been writing about crocheting rounds, the pouf and floor cushion, in response to questions that you asked about. honestly, at this time i can’t concentrate on it very well due to sad family affairs. therefore i take a break, but i hope to pick it up next week.

i wish you a pleasant easter time and i hope to see you again soon!

daffodils from my garden

the narcissus poeticus, she smells deliciously, like a little perfume bottle


and the narcissus replete, which also smells quite nice.


7 thoughts on “easter break

  1. Oh wat rot voor je! Heel veel sterkte!!

  2. Hi Elisabeth, I hope everything will turn out well with your family, I’m wishing you all the strength you need!Don’t want to bother you with that now, but: I’ve received another award, and you know you’re always on my list… :)I hope you can enjoy your Easter week-end,Barbara

  3. Happy Easter! Enjoy your rest!

  4. Een virtuele hug en sterkte!

  5. Sorry to hear that you are having sad family affairs – I hope that everything will be better soon.

  6. I wish you a great Easter break and that the family issues get solved very fast!Kisses, Paula

  7. Oh dear Elisabeth… I’m sorry to hear that you are having sad times.. I do hope it isn’t too serious… we will all be waiting here for you to come back…. hugs, Jill xx