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yellow monday




here in the netherlands it is bright spring weather and i hope the weather is nice to you, too.

this lovely white crocus stands with it’s “brothers and sisters” in my living room. the orange looks like neon orange, pretty don’t you think?



and this daffodil blossoms in my garden, could hardly be more beautiful.


in terms of crocheting, the first half of my pouf is ready, but working with the black yarn has done my right thumb no good. that yarn is as stiff as rope. giving my hands a break would be a good idea but a day without crocheting is not a very good day to me. 

so i started the same working method of the pouf with a much thinner cotton yarn and an oversized hook. it goes well, just the joining you see a little clearer.


i also started a little bag for summer for myself, but if it works out …?

another time i’ll tell you more about it.



i wish you a beautiful new week!


7 thoughts on “yellow monday

  1. Wonderful work Andree! I love the colours and the technique sounds fantastic 🙂 Kx

  2. Wow! those are so pretty. I can imagine the bag when it’s done. It’s going to be wonderful.

  3. lovely colors!!! I love all shades of Yellow 🙂

  4. Hello ladies! It is so nice to see your comments!@ Paula, You are the first again:) We both love lemon-ish colors, so fresh and cheerful, don’t you think!@ Jill, I will make a describtion of my method for the circle soon. Thanks for asking!@ Lindy, It sounds great, please enjoy the lovely weather!

  5. I’m always envious of how much you can get done on your projects. It’s really warm at my parents this week. About 30 degrees F above normal. We are loving it.

  6. I would love to know how you manage to make such a huge round in crochet and still keep it flat! Do you have a pattern Elisabeth or is it one of your own? :)x

  7. I just love your colors!! The purple ones and those lemon too:))Have a nice week!