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orange & stripes Q & A


one last post about the orange stripes & blanket and bag to answer a few questions of you.
can you do a tutorial on how to join your pieces please? 

not really a tutorial but what i did is the following:

  • hold two strips together with the right sides facing each other. 
  • attach the yarn to the first single crochet (sc) of the lower strip, then a slip stitch (ss) in the first sc of the other strip. you crochet 1 ss in one strip, then 1 ss in the other. you make the ss only in the sc, skip the other stitches. 
  • i alway crochet things together, just prefer to do so. others prefer needle and thread. 

hope this helps? good luck with it!

in addition: my blanket looks smooth on the front side and at the back it has small ridges. the yarn i used is fairly thin, but if you use thicker yarn than the result may be different.

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée
are you planning on making a tutorial on the bag and sharing it with us all??

not this time, so sorry.


really loving the way you’ve finished the top edging too… how do you get that trim?
orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée


the bobbles are a result of a variation of the bobble stitch of linda permann which is: make 4 half-complete double crochets into the same stitch, leaving the last loop of each stitch on the hook. yarn over and draw a loop through all 5 loops on the hook.


a small explanation about what i did around the edges of the blanket and the bag.

instead of yarn over and drawing the yarn in one go through all loops on hook:

  • yarn over and pull the yarn through only two loops, repeat this until there is one loop left.
  • regarding the stitch pattern: make the bobble stitch in the dc and when there is one loop left, crochet 1 sc in the sc.

the stitch pattern of the upper side of the bag is the same as that of the blanket. 

after the row of bobbles you crochet a row of 1 sc in every stitch, following by 2 rows of slip stitches, turn, 1 row of slip stitches, turn, last row of slip stitches. this will give you a firm but smooth edge.

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée
and this was the story of orange & stripes:)


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  2. Beautiful Bag and I love the colours! Your work is amazing!

  3. Thanks for your joining technique. I’m always looking for the perfect one!