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round crochet project


my intention not to buy new yarn lies in the trash can 😦

last week i was looking for yarn for someone else and then i saw an offer for drops cotton light. yarn that is just right for my new project. the temptation was too great, so i bought these colors: light lilac, lavender and purple, (besides a few other colors). the dark blue and black yarn i had bought last year.



i do not know for sure if i’m going to use the blue color, it depends whether i can create the desired size. what it will be? i’ll tell you next week.


hope you will have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “round crochet project

  1. story of my life!! …today I went to the fabric store to buy 1/2 m of white fabric.came home with 5 meters of silk. … hot pink, printed in brown, red and royal blue. I forgot to buy the white fabric!!!! LOL!!!

  2. It looks wonderful Andree! I love seeing all the yarns together like that too 🙂 Sometimes we have to get these things when we see them – don’t be too hard on yourself. Kx

  3. Great adquisition! those yarns balls are beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you will do with them.

  4. hm… it looks like two parts… maybe a huge cushion? Nevermind what it will be, it already looks pretty, I like the spiral look!

  5. Hi Elizabeth,you got my attention!! I’m curious about what would it be :)Have a nice weekend, Paula