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orange & stripes in a bag


imagine this…

it is lunch break and you pack your bag and blanket and walk or cycle to the park nearby. there you sit on your blanket and read a book or listen to music, a bottle of water within reach, the sun on your face.*

nice, isn’t it!

* it is just one example, adjust these thoughts to your own situation or wishes:)

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée
orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée
orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée

thanks for thinking with me about the blanket. on second thought, i have kept the blanket as it is and made a matching bag. for the bottom of it i used one of the motifs that i had crocheted. actually i wanted a bag with a drawstring closure like one for a sleeping bag, but there wasn’t enough yarn … i thought… because now a skein of orange yarn is left – sigh.

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée

by the way

do you see that round ball of yarn in the bag? that is yarn that i have made of pieces leftover yarn that i’ve tied together. after making a knot pull it again firmly and cut the two ends. it is hours of work but it’s very relaxing to do. i had more balls made but i have given those away.

ball of yarn leftover - elisabeth andrée
this is it for this time. hope that this week will be good for you!
orange-stripes - elisabeth andréeorange-stripes - elisabeth andrée

PS. you can find the explanation and the stitch pattern for the blanket via these links: 

18 thoughts on “orange & stripes in a bag

  1. Oh, that is such a perfect idea! I only wish I had have come across an idea like this a year ago when I was still working! Those mixed scrap balls are great, I’ve been working on one for a while to crochet my hubby the “ugliest blanket ever” 🙂

  2. I think your bag is pretty awesome. I love that stitch pattern–it almost looks knit.

  3. Beautiful bag!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you have a fabulous week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success http://www.jembellish.blogspot.com/

  4. I love the orange and brown together. It looks like a perfect way to spend lunch break!

  5. Love that blanket!!!!!

  6. Oh wauw, mooi mooi mooi!!!!

  7. Oh I love it! That blanket is already a favourite and the bag is fabulous with it 🙂 Really loving the way you’ve finished the top edging too… how do you get that rim? Lovely work Andree 🙂 Kx

  8. What gorgeous, gorgeous colours. Love that the blanket has its own bag now.

  9. Lovely colors!

  10. Elizabeth, your blanket is very pretty, love your colour combinations. I also love that bag you made up. Are you planning on making a tutorial on it and sharing it with us all??Great tip on the yarn also, never would have thought to tie the balls together

  11. I truly love your blanket. This post about wrapping up a blanket and sitting somewhere nice to relax is really inspiring. Just as soon as it stops raining here, I think that’s exactly what I will do!Your bag is nice and I think I’ll have to try knotting my yarn bits together – it will save me time from weaving in ends when I knit the bits into other things :o)

  12. Cute bag! I just love orange – it’s the happiest colour!

  13. Oh how cool, Your blanket looks delightful and there has been so much love and energy put into it, just in time for spring :-D.x

  14. I love your colour choices! I would not normally have thought that orange and brown would go together so beautifully but they certainly do here. That afghan is AMAZING. It sort of reminds me of FL Wright architecture.http://hooknyarn.blogspot.com

  15. Great way of keeping the blanket neat. Love it!….and I still love that orange 😉

  16. Thank you Karen! With that green yarn I made ​​a blanket. What you see on the photo is leftover yarn of that project.Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Your bag is very nice – looks perfect for carrying everything. 🙂

  18. I love your bag !! and the blanket. that green yarn is lush !! It looks as if it was bought not old yarn !!