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orange & stripes – WIP 5


welcome back, hope it goes well with you! 

today an update on the orange blanket. it’s a gray day here in the netherlands and that makes the colors on the pictures not really nice, a little weird.

for the blanket i wanted a friendlier appearance. first i have made a crochet border around it with the same stitch pattern as the strips. because i worked in the round and not back and forth a different texture was created. then i added an edge of bobbles, it is a variation on the pattern of the bobble stitch of linda permann. if you like to know how i’ve made the variation, i explain that in another post.

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée


i am also making some decorations, but i am doubting about them. if i do it will only be the larger motives and not the smaller ones….i think:)

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée
orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée
orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée
what is your opinion about it?
orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée

you can find the explanation and the stitch pattern via this link:  orange & stripes – stitch pattern



13 thoughts on “orange & stripes – WIP 5

  1. I think the blanket is beautiful and I really like the crocheted circles. Makes it look like artwork…

  2. I am pretty sure I have said this before, but I love! your colour combination. And I agree with the comment above. The circles DO make it look like a work of art.Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ojee, waarschijnlijk ben ik de enige die het zonder cirkels mooier vindt. Ik denk niet dat de deken het nodig heefft, maar misschien moet ik het af zien. Met of zonder ….het is een beauty!

  4. I love this blanket. You have obviously spent a lot of time and thought on it. It looks like a work of gorgeous abstract art. I like it a lot without the added circles. I don’t think you need them. But they do add a bit of depth and texture to the project. I think I like the smaller ones better than the larger ones myself though.

  5. I find the decorations kind of fun and surprising. I’d be inclined to keep them. The bobbled edge is a bit softer and more fun, so that was definitely a good decision I think!

  6. I find the decorations kind of fun and surprising. I’d be inclined to keep them. The bobbled edge is a bit softer and more fun, so that was definitely a good decision I think!

  7. I still LOVE that orange. Just wish I could find that yarn somewhere, anywhere! I think, if you’re going for artsy, you should leave the circles. If you’re looking for a more classic blanket then remove them. Either way I think it looks great.

  8. Nee, hoor Jeanette, ik was/ben het eigenlijk met jou eens, maar twijfel, twijfel…. ik twijfel en twijfel….hoewel ik nu denk dat ik het weet:) Denk ik. Nog even over Pinterest: mocht je een pin eigenlijk willen houden maar kan je de bron niet vinden, dit kan je soms op weg helpen maar niet altijd. http://jarred.github.com/src-img/ Groetjes.

  9. Thanks Amy for your lovely comment! I think I know now what I will do with the blanket, thanks for your help!

  10. Thanks Kristine for your comment, it helps me to make a decision. I looked for you at the shop where I bought the yarn, but it was sold out. I searched for other web shops and I found one, but it is more expensive. Moreover, I do not know whether you want to buy at a Dutch web shop because of the shipping. Anyway here’s the address:http://www.hobbygigant.nl/breien/acryl-garens/populair-fin-nld.2-5-3/populair-fin-beijer-oranje-074.htmlhttp://www.hobbygigant.nl/breien/acryl-garens/populair-fin-nld.2-5-3.htmlWish you luck:)!

  11. Hello Natalie,Thank you for your response, I’m very happy with it. I think I now know what I’ll do 🙂

  12. Hello Anke,Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Very nice to read!

  13. Hi A! Lovely to see your progress on the blanket! It’s really nice 🙂 Hope all is well with you? I’m taking it easy 🙂 Take care!