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some serious talk about pinterest


i love pinterest because i like to collect pictures. my earliest memories of pasting pictures date from around my sixth year. i cut pictures from a catalog and pasted them i in a cheap unlined notepad that i got from my mother. years later, i collected still pictures i cut from mainly magazines. i had a folder with embroidery patterns (given away), knitting patterns (given away), decoration with flowers and plants (i still have) and interior styling (discarded). now i have folders filled with crochet patterns next to the directories i have on my computer.

from the moment that i had an account on pinterest, i pinned pictures of where i could find them. now there are discussions on sourcing and it have awakened me. some discussions are become somewhat ‘wild’ in my opinion and i don’t want to boost them. the important thing to me is to pin in a neat way.
more information about it can be found on: 


UPDATE 24 march 2012
the last week i have a good look at my pin boards, and i have decided to delete a few because i want to concentrate on my other boards. in my eagerness i also deleted boards that i wanted to keep… sometimes i’m quite a dork.



the boards i want to keep i have been checking for the original sources of the pins. if i can not find the source i delete the pin. it turned out that i too had pinned illegal copies of crochet books. not so very nice for authors and publishers. it takes a lot of time to clean it all and i’m not finished yet but it gives me a good feeling. 


this is where i pay attention to:
  • if i like someone’s pin i click on it to see if it leads to the original source, if not i don’t repin.
  • on tumblr you can find many wonderful things but the source is almost never mentioned, so i don’t pin.
  • if i find anything via google i go to the website itself and pin it from there.
  • if a pin says “uploaded by user” then the source is usually disappeared, i don’t repin.
  • like link parties you must link the blog post and not the entire blog.
  • over the world, people have copied books and patterns and posted it on their website. i won’t pin these copies.

i love my pinterest boards!

hope to see you again soon!

14 thoughts on “some serious talk about pinterest

  1. Hi Elisabeth It is very important issueI am trying to do the same .. but sometimes I like something so much, I can’t resist of pinning or tumblr this even if there is no source.But as you are making a great example here. I will be more strictalso beacuse I am starting a new shop.. with my pictures.. And to be ohnest I was thinking about this issue yesterday .. thinking about my photos somewhere in the web without a proper links to my shop or a blog .. not nice feeling I am telling You.We need to be more carefull. We like nice things, but just think about poeple who gave their time skills and creativity to make those lovely and intersitng stuffThank you for this post. Mada

  2. Hello Mada,Thanks for your great comment on my blog. Someone has advised me to get watermarks on my pictures. it does not stop all the abuse, but people might understand better that it’s your work and design. Good luck with your new shop, with your talent, it will be a success!

  3. I love keeping my crochet pins and ideas but sometimes it does cause me to wonder. I try to only pin “cleanly” but I know not everyone else is. I usually click there pin to make sure it takes me to the right spot. I wonder what will happen next…

  4. Hi Elisabeth,I like Pinterest but I always look for the original source. If I don’t find it I don’t pin it. For me Pinterest is a way to keep an archive of good stuff/ideas/tutorials ….

  5. Also, if someone does mention the original source on Tumblr (it’s a mission on my crafts’b blog to and I even have a page titled: Dear Bloggers: Tumblr and Pinterest are NOT Sources) people don’t know how to use Tumblr to post the permalink. You have to click on the number of “notes” and then a screen will come up with just that post. Then you can pin. Some people post their original work on Tumblr (though not many), so I do pin from Tumblr occasionally.

  6. Also, I forgot to add that anyone with a blog may want to try the google search image app where all you do is right click on an image to see where it is on the internet. I do this to track my YouTube screenshots, my own photographs, to find where a mislabeled pin really comes from (all the time), and my own photographs. Just google “google search image” because there are four different ways to use it.

  7. Net als jij ben ik ook erg enthousiast aan het pinnen geslagen en deze post heeft me aan het denken gezet. Bij elke pin probeer ik altijd de originele post te vinden of in ieder geval dit te vermelden in de pin. Maar in het begin van mijn ´pin-obsessie´ heb ik dat niet gedaan en heb ook alles wat me maar interesseerde gepinned. Ik ga vanavond maar eens beginnen om het geheel uit te mesten. Ik zal ze missen maar het is wel prettiger om te weten dat ik fair pin. Dus……bedankt voor je wijze woorden. 🙂

  8. Watermarks are very important thing on the Internet. No matter what you’re selling or showing. I use watermark even on the pictures I post on my private fb account. With the watermark people less often will steal your work. I always try to put my watermark in a place that is not easy to just crop out from it and the picture will be still good. Anyway, good post Elisabeth!

  9. What a wonderful solution to this problem – an individual taking responsibility for their own pinning! Thank goodness someone has said it – good on you Andree!! There wouldn’t even BE this debate going on about Pinterest if everyone did what you are doing 🙂 Kx

  10. How interesting. I do not ‘pin’ very much, and only from the authors, I am respectful of others’ work and I would like the same treatment.Watermarks are a good idea, I might try this.Thanks, Andrée.

  11. Hello truebluemeandyou:)Thank you for your useful input! Your Tumblr blog is loaded, I’ll soon be back there for another good look around.

  12. Hallo Jeannette,Leuk dat je een berichtje op mijn blog hebt geschreven, dank je wel! Ben je bezig met het opschonen van je Pinterest borden? Ik wel, nog steeds… het is een flinke klus.Groetjes:)

  13. Joh, ik denk dat ik een personal assistent ga huren voor de klus. 🙂 Ik heb al een aantal boards bijgewerkt en nog heel wat te gaan. Maaqr het voelt goed. Groetjes uit koud en nat Ierland.

  14. Finally a sensible post about this topic! I’ve read so many hysterical posts about “evil Pinterest” and how the bloggers have deleted their account. What you’re saying makes sense and I agree, it’s how I use Pinterest too… and I never pinned those books, that’s terrible.