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for a while i was planning to sort and store my yarn again. not that it’s hugely messy, but it is much. in addition, i have intended that the orange & stripes blanket is my last project with acrylic yarn for a while. so a part of the acrylic yarn i have stored in plastic boxes in the cupboard and a part i still have to select. 

the yarn i like to work with this spring and summer i have done in my drawers in the living room and also …. my summer blanket project. 




look at all that delicious yarn!
(also some acrylic).

this feels like my own treasury. there is little property to discover in my house, but that yarn is so delightful to have and at the same time i am actually a little embarrassed for it. 

last friday i saw a cute cartoon on kristine’s blog ambassadorcrochet. i could not resist writing a comment because yes, i’m slightly addicted to yarn. i have promised myself not to buy yarn for a while because in my cupboard someone else can do some shopping. actually i am frugal, i spend little money, i do not by clothes often, but yarn ….

how about you?



13 thoughts on “yarn treasury

  1. Yes, I am also a yarn addict, I do a lot of knitting, my current project also a blanket 🙂 BTW I ‘m one of your newest followers, happy to be here!

  2. I have the same problem, I just love yarn!!!! That’s what I asked as a birthday gift 🙂

  3. I can always always buy yarn. I never let a coupon expire from our local crafty place. I’ve decided I’m going to work through some stash and finish up a few projects right now. It’ll be nice to start fresh.

  4. I would love to see more of the summer blanket!

  5. I am a yarn addict as well. I have to refrain from buying, this year I want to use as much as I can from my stash…but temptation is behind the corner!

  6. I am a yarn addict as well. I have to refrain from buying, this year I want to use as much as I can from my stash…but temptation is behind the corner!

  7. I am so jealous of your little treasure. It looks all so amazing. I wish I had just 1/3 of it 🙂 But first I need to get better in crochet to start buing it. It doesn’t make sense to just buy because I want it and then do nothing with it. I always buy as I go with a project. I would buy more but I can’t afford it. I should ask my mom to mail me her yarn. She used to crochet and knitt a lot but these days she doesn’t anymore and she’s got so many yarns stored at her house. I would love that 🙂

  8. Mijn wol en katoen ligt in hoopjes verspreid in onze berging. Moet dringend eens een leukere manier vinden om mijn schatten op te bergen. ;)Ben geweldig onder de indruk van je summer blanket. Wat een mooi patroon. Ben zelf ook een zomerdeken aan het haken (een wel heel erg lange termijn project :)) in gelijkaardige kleuren, maar dan in klassieke granny squares. Beetje saai eigenlijk. 🙂

  9. I really adore the summer blanket. The yarn look beautiful and cozy for summer. I love only ligh weight blankets. Maybe someday I will make something like this for myself.

  10. Hi! I too am a yarn addict. I have a serious problem, though. I hate to use the yarn I get. Pretty yarn is hard to come by at times. I have a question… is the pattern being used for the blanket available to purchase anywhere? Thank you so much!