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old patterns with new yarn


not long ago i showed you these motives that i’ve crocheted a few years ago. some of them i made using very old patterns and i’ve learned a lot of that. 

yellow motifs by elisabeth andrée

the generations before us and the generations before them crocheted impressive works. the women learned to crochet and developed their skills and designed themselves, without books, magazines, let alone the internet. 

there are many patterns preserved. so if you like me, can’t or won’t buy expensive books for your own good reasons, don’t worry just look on these sites, but it takes time and there are no pretty full color pictures.

a while ago i came on angelfire.com/folk/celtwich many times because old patterns were gathered there. but for all sorts of reasons the lady had to quit. fortunately, these patterns are still accessible to us.

it’s nice to crochet old patterns with contemporary yarns. you can do many different things with your try outs like framing them,

doily white and yellow by elisabeth andrée

decorating bags, back pockets, knees and elbows on clothes. i made a few doilies of thick acrylic yarn for someone who, with textile hardener, made bowls of them.

to give you an idea, below is an example of a motif (with a counting error) that is actually part of a lace tablecloth. with acrylic yarn and crochet needle 4 mm, it looks very different. if you would follow the complete instructions you could make an interesting bedspread. or a couple of extra rows on the motif and voila you have a cushion cover.

the name is sunburst splendour no.7533 (1942).

sunburst splendour
sunburst splendour
sunburst splendour
sunburst splendour

you can find the patternfor this and a many other motifs on my pinterest board with crochet vintage patterns

anyway, i hope you have lots of fun with these old patterns.

14 thoughts on “old patterns with new yarn

  1. Simply not enough hours in the day! Lovely patterns.
    Bimbi x

  2. These are soo cool! Love all of your your colors! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can’t wait to see what you share next!

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  7. These are all so beautiful! I love the tray of yellow beauties! I am one who never appreciated the awesomeness of all the intricate doilies my Grandmother made…I do now!!

  8. The motifs are gorgeous!

  9. These motifs are very lovely. I am a novice (very, very, very novice) and find such enjoyment in crochet. Your crochet is amazing!

  10. these are all so beautiful! and great ideas for using them ~ have a few hanging around {on cupboard handles etc}.thanks for the virtual hug xx

  11. Hi Elisabeth… what a fantastic post.. I love really old crochet patterns – and have collected quite a few over the years, but I didn’t know there were sites dedicated to them… what a lovely weekend I am going to have following your links… thanks so much! The mustard coloured ones you used to say Happy new Year are amazing.. hope you have a lovely weekend too… :)x

  12. Like always you amaze me. Those look so beautiful!

  13. I love the (mustard) yellow color! and the styling of the picture!

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