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orange & stripes – WIP 2


orange-stripes - elisabeth andréeorange-stripes - elisabeth andrée

since last week i have two long parts of the blanket finished and of one i have all ends woven in. i now crochet the third and fourth parts at the same time and i make them both different from the first two. 

in my mind it seems clear how the blanket will look when it’s done, but in real life – at least as i experience that often – it will be a sort of surprise. i like that element of surprise in the creative process. 

do you have that also?

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée


do you like to crochet something similar?

you can find the explanation and the stitch pattern via this link:

orange & stripes – stitch pattern

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée
orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée

5 thoughts on “orange & stripes – WIP 2

  1. I love that color orange. Reminds me of sherbet. What yarn is it?

  2. I love your blanket, the colours remind me of the early seventies, my father brought me a scarf from fashionable Paris exactly with this palette.I too am terrified by snakes, at the same level that you do, people generally do not understand that just watching a snake on tv paralises my legs.Thank you for visiting, it is nice to ‘meet’ new bloggers!

  3. Love your color combination, looks very interesting, the way you’re doing it in panels. Been awhile since I’ve done one that way. I often like to design as I go, so sorta familiar and sorta a surprise all at the same time.

  4. Wow, it may be a bit of a surprise how it is turning out, I think it looks amazing!Thanks for sharingx

  5. That surprise only works for me when it’s a good surprise. Too often the end product fails to live up to how I visualized and that’s disappointing! Your stitch pattern puts me in mind of lego blocks – really cute!