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orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée

currently i am working on a blanket of orange acrylic yarn with beige and black. it is – again – a simple stitch pattern of alternatively a sc and a dc. this creates a nice texture without big bobbles.

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée

it is a happy colored picture as you can see:)

until next time!


the stitch pattern is available here

orange-stripes - elisabeth andrée


16 thoughts on “orange & stripes

  1. A really interesting texture Elisabeth…it looks like it makes quite a firm fabric… I love the Orange! :)x

  2. A crochet blanket! I’m yet to tackle a blanket project. I’m the kind who gets distracted by the next shiny thing around..;-) explains my fear of starting a blanket. someday, I’ll crochet a ripple blanket in rainbow colors a la Lucy @ Attic24.

  3. Hi Josie,You and I have the same ‘problem’: distraction because there are so many beautiful things to create. I have some PhD’s around the house I must admit. PhD = Project half Done:)Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hello Jill,Thanks for your comment:) This stitch pattern creates a stretchy fabric which feels comfortable. I have used this pattern also for the headbands for little girls. I love the feel of it, the texture is great.Thanks again!

  5. love the texture!

  6. Amazing color choice, very modern looking.

  7. Ohh wat mooi !! en wat een leuke steek ….mag ik weten welke steek het is ?LiefsMarjoMarjo’s Cosy Corner

  8. I love the colors and the stitch pattern. They go together really well.

  9. What a beautiful stitch and color combo! I found you at Ambassador Crochet and am looking forward to perusing more of your crochet crafts. 🙂

  10. A great combination of colors and texture.

  11. That is a really cool texture … and the colours are fantastic!

  12. This is wonderful! I LOVE the colors and texture!

  13. I love your blog!!! What is WIP?

  14. I love your blog!!! What is WIP?

  15. Hello Crochetchika!Thanks for stopping by:)In the “crafts world” we tripping on these abbreviations:)WIP = Work In ProgressPhD = Project half DoneFO = Finished Object(s)Have a nice day!

  16. Thank you so very much!  I love your site.