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welcome back!

tomorrow i present the designs of the participants.

but first some kind words to them:

participate in a contest in de middle of such a busy time was maybe pretty hard. and for some of you it was not just plain busy, i am aware of that. that makes the presentation tomorrow a showcase for the work of persistent and talented crocheting women. i am impressed with your designs. chapeau to you all! 

  1. tomorrow is the first presentation and that is only with the names and photos. 
  2. wednesday is a second presentation with other pictures and accompanied with comment of me.
  3. thursday some extra info.
  4. friday we pause (regarding the contest, i mean).
  5. saturday is the announcement of the winner.

so here you have the program for this week, hope you like it!
see you tomorrow:)

there’s something…
two of the participants have withdrawn and have sent me a mail. they had to give up for their own good reasons.

unfortunately there are others whom have entered as a participant, but have not published work for the contest on their blogs. i do not know the reason why.

2 thoughts on “crochet contest – info

  1. You’re also doing a great job with this contest 🙂

  2. Thanks Elisabeth… so much work for you! :)x