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only slightly longer than one week and then it is the deadline for publishing the designs. two participants have already finished their crochet work. i’m really looking forward to what all participants have designed and made! you are also curious, i think?!


the calendar 2012 i have printed on normal 80 grams office paper and then written january’s schedule for my blog on it, though not complete (yet).


if you like to use the calendar this way too, here is the link to it so you can print the pages.


more info about the crochet contest

hope to see you again next week!

5 thoughts on “contest planning

  1. Hi Elisabeth,Mine is ready! I just have to write the post and take some lovely pictures :)I’ll d it until the weekend!!

  2. Oh Dear! With 3 deaths in the family in the month leading up to Christmas, I forgot the deadline was coming up so soon. But I think I will make it. This will be a good thing to focus on while my husband is traveling for his father’s memorial service.

  3. A beautiful calendar for 2012.

  4. Hi Elisabeth! Ready and posted!!http://paulacastrocrafts.blogspot.com/2012/01/apresentacao-de-trabalho-concurso.htmlit was a pleasure to be a part of it 🙂

  5. I’m sorry this is posted on Sunday instead of Saturday, looking forward to checking out your blog next weekThanks for the funRen??