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beautiful blogger blanket 2012


you are so welcome to my first blog post of this year! hope everything is fine!

i join the project the beautiful blogger blanket 2012 and have two squares crocheted. 

it was new to me to crochet squares with thick cotton yarn (double knit). i found it quite difficult to work with it and i had the stitches not as neat as i wanted. it takes considerable strength to work with and i admire those who can crochet a whole blanket with this!
but made with love, these are the two blocks that i send to england.

  • used pattern: the colorful blanket
  • cotton 8 double thread: main color vanilla with pink, orange, green (kaki), two shades of blue.
  • hook size 4 mm
more info about the project you can find on: 
you can still join in, because the deadline is not until the end of this month.
jill, they are coming your way!

4 thoughts on “beautiful blogger blanket 2012

  1. I think your squares are lovely even if they were tough to work at first.

  2. Your sqaures look lovely I haven’t made mine yet I really need to get onto it but can’t find the pattern I want to make yet. Thansk for your kind words about my work too and I love your Happy New Year in crochet what a wonderful idea.