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about crochet calender© 2012


about crochet

in february this year i started this blog and secretly i hoped that, during the year, a few thousand people would come and see/read my babbling about crochet. i really like to share everything about crochet with you, in real life, everyone is a bit discouraged about the subject by now 🙂

while i was busy writing the post about japanese-books-and-a-scarf, i discovered that i was working on post number 100.

this morning i had 241198 views and i really thought the counter was broken!

because i love you to come here and as a big thank you, i have a gift for you, designed by good friend helga, who is a dutch graphic designer. 

this is for you!


no patterns, but pretty pictures and room for your appointments, notes and ideas.

free download via this link:

about crochet calender 2012 (pdf)


an advice: it is best to print the calender on white matte paper so the photos stand out nicely, on 100 grams or – if your printer can handle it – on 135 grams. you then only have to punch the holes and hang it onto a surface with a ribbon or – crocheted – cord.

hope you like it!

more of helga’s work you can see on vormbeeld.nl

take good care and until january!

17 thoughts on “about crochet calender© 2012

  1. Hi ElisabethWhat a lovely idea! Thank you so much. As always with you, very well thought out to the last detail. I shall print it later today.Have a happy dayBimbi x

  2. What a lovely idea…and the calendar looks great! Thanks Elisabeth :)x

  3. Oh Andree, it’s FABulous!!! What a great idea (and what a lovely friend to do this up for you too!) Thank you 🙂 Wishing you a most happy christmas and new year! Kx

  4. … LOVE IT!!! although i use my calendar on my computer, there is nothing that can replace a pretty picture on the wall and the possibility to write your notes! thank you thank you thank you. will be in my brand new craft room as soon as it will be ready!!!!

  5. Thanks Elisabeth :)It’s a lovely gift!

  6. What a lovely gift to share with your readers. We love your blog!

  7. You’re so generous and TALENTED….way to go on reaching so many page views!

  8. Thank you so much for the very nice calendar gift. I’ll hang this one in my craft room. Have a great day. 🙂

  9. Fantastisch idee en erg mooi, wauw!!

  10. It’s fantastic, thank you ever so much. a very kind gift. Have a fantastic christmas

  11. Hi A! What a lovely calendar! Thank you! Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to your projects next year 🙂 Take care!

  12. Wauw, wat leuk gedaan! Fijne feesten!

  13. What a lovely calendar! Beautiful job! So happy to have you link up to the Tuesday To Do Party at The Blackberry Vine!Happy New Year!Smiles!Jamiwww.blackberryvine.blogspot.com

  14. Thank you! This is SO lovely. Great work.

  15. Thank you Katy:)

  16. i am a huge crochet lover!!!!!!! i have never seen a blog devoted to th craft and i am in serious like with you.

  17. Love the calendar!! It’s gorgeous!!