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my good old bag is broken 😦  

not a crocheted one but a bag that i had about 12 years, he’s been almost everywhere with me. last week i was in a store at the cash desk and suddenly my bag was in pieces. luckily i had just paid because later at my front door i found out that a broken bag is difficult to open. it took a while before i had got my keys.

the square bag will not be so quickly finished, so i crocheted this bag.


simple and not even lined, no closure, only a few push buttons. to decorate i have an old brooch pinned on it. the bag works fine and he’s been with me to the dentist already. that was not nearly as bad for him as it was for me.

later this week i will write down how i’ve made ​​the bag. hope to see you then!


free pattern available: here is the link to it




4 thoughts on “handbag

  1. Hi A! How wonderful to be able to whip up a bag just like that! 😀 Lovely work as always, love it 🙂 Take care!

  2. The bag is lovely.

  3. Like it a lot too, great job 🙂

  4. I love this bag – it’s very nice. 🙂