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crochet contest – part 2


hello again!

if you’ve read my post yesterday, you know that i am looking for crocheters who want to take part of my crochet contest. everyone can participate. this contest is a meeting between crocheters who show each other what they can make with a simple stitch pattern, within a time frame.




this is an invitation but it has also a very bossy part, i am sorry for that:) 
if you like to participate, here are the rules:

you design and crochet
  1. a scarf or shawl for an adult or
  2. a pair of fingerless gloves/mittens for an adult or
  3. a cushion cover, size 40 x 40 cm/70×30 cm (=about 15×15 inch/12×27 inch) 
    or similar measurements.
  • you may only use one of the three stitch pattern or a combination of them, no other stitches are allowed. (see here the three stitch patterns)
  • exceptions are the stitches you use for shaping (e.g. a point) or an edge.
  • the creation that you participate with must be your own design and you must have crocheted it yourself. 
  • important besides talent and crocheting skills, is a sense of color and materials.
  • to be able to participate it is necessary that you are a crocheter and have your own blog where you will publish your design and agree with publication of your words and photo’s on my blog (regarding the contest).
  • no later than saturday january 14, 2012 you publish your design onto your own blog.
  • your publication is written in english and includes:  
  1. an explanation of how you created your design,
  2. what yarn and what size hook you used
  3. and which of the three stitch patterns or combination
  4. and an indication of the size or measurements.
  5. feel free to describe the complete pattern of your design. 
  6. in addition your publication contains clear pictures of which at least one shows your design completely and at least one shows a close up of the stitch pattern. (tip: dark colored yarn and blended yarn show less clear on photo’s.) 

how to enter?

you are a participant by posting a comment on this page, in which you write: yes, i join the crochet contest, your name and the full address of your blog (copy and past the link to your homepage).

you can sign up to saturday december 10 or until there are twenty participants. if there are 20 participants before december 10, then you can still place your name on the reserve list.
if you are on the list of 20 contesters, but for a reason can not participate, please let me know as soon as possible. someone on the reserve list can take your place.
soon after december 10, i will publish the complete list of participants (names and links). 
it is about crochet
in this contest i want the rest of the world to see your talent and crocheting skills, but it’s not a commercial event. please keep that in mind when you enter the contest. do not use the contest to promote brands, labels, etsy shops or stores but only the craft and us, the crocheters. it is about crochet.
what can you win?

as a reward you receive free publicity. in the second half of january i give full attention in a post here on my blog on the winning design, but also on pinterest and facebook. you will not get rich but it does give you the pleasant feeling of a self-designed plan and its execution and, not unimportant: recognition of your talent.

so, please please come on, join the contest and sign up!


if you have a question about the stitch patterns or the contest, please post them on yesterday’s post or contact me at aboutcrochet@gmail.com. please use the comments on this page only to enter the contest. thank you!


just to illustrate, i made a simple scarf, sizes 16 cm x 232 cm, with stitch pattern 2. i have used two sorts of acrylic yarn: bravo (orangy yellow and light gray) and annell rapido (gray lilac) and a 4.5 mm hook. i have woven in the ends and then attached buttons on them, next i tied the ends together and cut them to length.

that’s it!


20 thoughts on “crochet contest – part 2

  1. I’m so sorry but I will be pulling out of the competition. I was planning on making a pillow cover and have started it but with Christmas, New Years, Family birhdays and making stuff for my store I just haven’t got the time to finish it. Was really excited about being part of this too. Oh well next time. Good luck to you all

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  6. Hi Andree. It’s a great idea! I really like the rules (as much as I normally don’t like them.lol) I would love to join to this contest. My blog address: http://momphotographer.wordpress.com/Hugs from my corner, Ewa

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  18. Hi Andrée, I would love to participate on your contest!I’m just start to blogging and started to crochet in the beginning of 2011 and just love it!Although my blog is in Portuguese, I can write it in English too.Thanks, Paula