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two weeks ago i asked for your experiences with etsy.

i would like to read about your experiences with etsy, as seller and buyer. do you know other online shops/websites where you can sell/buy homemade items? international because i live in holland, or perhaps you know a dutch site? what payment options are available and what are your experiences with it?

via comments i received information (thank you!), other information i searched and found on the internet and on facebook i asked people for their experiences.

but first: this is not a proper investigation and i do not want to start discussions, i just put the information in a row. i would like to say to you: throw it in the air and catch up which you find is useful to you.

for this text i’ve worked a lot with google translate, and the end result is bumpy in terms of language, but i assume it is understandable….at least i hope so:)



first, a website with comments and complaints about etsy:



in the netherlands we are used to pay for online purchases via ideal (online payments). both the buyer and the seller can immediately see if the money was paid and received. i find that very easily and quickly. if you buy or sell anything on etsy you need a credit card and paypal (the last one provides buyer protection). 


problems with deliveries
about deliveries from holland/belgium to america, i read quite a lot of worrisome things:

  • lasts about 2 weeks to 6 weeks or even longer
  • deliveries regularly get lost, people must pay money back or re-create the product (if that is possible at all). there are many options going back and forth but no one has a real solution for this problem. i’m pretty shocked, because – if you talk about crochet – how do you replace a crocheted blanket?
  • insurance or track and trace is very expensive.


etsy has a dutch department: http://dutchhandmade.com/


here in holland you have several ways to start your own online store (eg http://mijnwebwinkel.nl/), but for that you have to be registered with the chamber of commerce because as a shop owner ‘you are a participant in the course of trade’. i only would like occasionally sell a product as a private person.
furthermore, we see more rules and regulations you have to meet and in some towns you may not run a webshop from your own home. that is because – the local governments say – it is a home to live in and not to sell things from. no idea how it is for the country where you live.


then there are several websites that look a bit like etsy where you can sell handmade items, an example: http://www.handmadeshop.nl


next to etsy, there are more options for you to sell handmade items, good or not so good i leave that up to you.


of course there is DaWanda: http://en.dawanda.com, the homepage looks promising. about them i also read that people have good experiences with buying there. more about DaWanda you can read on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DaWanda-EN/147837338561443 (no need to login)


casey (http://plus3crochet.blogspot.com) pointed out to me: http://bigcartel.com. this is in my estimation similar to the dutch http://mijnwebwinkel.nl/


kylie (http://kylie-3sheets.blogspot.com) has a shop at zibbit. she writes “i have a shop with zibbet but i would not recommend it – it’s good because it’s free but no-one goes there!”


wendy (http://thecraftersapprentice.blogspot.com) has a shop on http://www.folksy.com which i know nothing about, but it looks good. i’m going to – if i have time and energy – focus on this website. wendy also has a shop on facebook, a nice option, but to my experience facebook is big brother, so i am a bit careful with it.


i believe buyers have positive experiences with etsy sellers. sellers tell that they need an incredible amount of time and energy to marketing their shop. there are many people who want to sell crocheted scarves, so how do you get noticed? help and advice you can get through: http://www.handmadeology.com/


shop owner
through facebook i’ve been in contact with polish magdalena, she has a shop on etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/madebymada) where she sells handmade jewelry. 


she writes:
“first of all .. i think in jewelry there is much more competition than in crocheting 🙂 i made myself to improve loads of things. pictures, started a blog in english, better descriptions etc, …. and i am improving my business all the time. i have heard the stories about post and packages, but it did not happen to me (and i hope never will). sometimes my costumer mails me that it was really fast – a week to US from poland! (do you know that people always confuse poland with holland lol).
yes it is true that etsy is time consuming. loads of time, but it is also a big challenge for me. i started a shop there and did not believe that i would sell a thing ! but i did ! : ) and after this i will decide if it is worth this effort or not.


this is a page with many words about etsy and other online ways to sell your handmade stuff. each country probably has set its own rules. i still do not know what i want, it is so complicated.


how could i forget, but on ravelry.com you can find also information about etsy sellers.


i am working on a scarf – buttons – sleeves – thing. i try to post the pattern on my blog next week. see you soon!



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  1. hello Elisabeth 🙂 It is really interesting post. I would say open a store on Etsy if you think about it.. Why not ? it is only 20 cents per listing for 4 months and place a link from your blog ( I recon you have some of traffic here) just for the start And see if there is any traffic redirecting to your store ? It is before Chrstmas time now .. The best time to start I think..Cheers and wish you all the bests :)Mada

  2. i have an easy account but haven’t put anything on sale on it yet, this post is extremely informative and well done! thanks!

  3. There are so many different things to learn about Etsy … it’s an adventure for share! Great start on gathering some information.