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the white crocheted blocks have become a cushion cover. because it’s gray and rainy weather here in the netherlands the white looks grayish too. i hope you still get a good impression of it.



more information

for the squares, i used different patterns, mostly the centers of patterns for doilies, and for two a pattern for a square. of the round centers i made squares and finally i made ​​all the squares the same size.
the blocks i have decorated with various stitches and eventually joined together with cross stitches. on one side, i crochet loops of different sizes because the vintage buttons are not equal. the buttons are from the 60th and 70th. my mother always saved all the buttons and now i do the same so i got a pile.

used material
  • the white yarn is durable 10
  • the dark gray, yellow and blue yarn is dmc petra 5
  • the soft green is coton crochet 10
  • crochet hook sizes 2 and 2,5
  • embroidery needle

mentioned patterns

this is it
i hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine. see you soon!





26 thoughts on “crochet & embroidery

  1. My daughter loves to crochet and embroider – I am soooo sending this post to her. She’ll love it! And PS, I love it too – it’s so pretty with the subtle colors against the white.

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  8. That is sooo beautiful. I love the colors and detail Great job!

  9. Just gasped for breath after seeing this, gorgeous.

  10. This pillow is so lovely.

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  12. That is beautiful! Love the idea to make a pillow cover out of them! Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays!!!

  13. I love crochet and this is a beautiful pillow! Great idea! Hope you visit, I’m at AMM.Hugs, FABBY

  14. Wow, It looks great! I will have to make one of these.

  15. Wow, fantastic work!, I like how the colors look kind of pastels when near white. Very creative, it’s great what you can come up with when you let your hands flow with the materials you have around 🙂

  16. Great idea to combine two techniques. Lovely result!

  17. gorgeous…man i want one!

  18. Thanks for your reply, Elisabeth! (Have you changed the setting? I’m not getting the follow-up comments via e-mail anymore, but that’s okay)I had a quick look at the embroidery links you’ve posted, thanks for that!Honestly, I think you should try to publish this technique! You know I’ve got this book “Crochet Master Class” and some of the techniques in there are not half as fascinating and beautiful as your embroidery-crochet! I’ve tried to do it today and even with my almost non-existing embroidery skills the little patch looked rather interesting.Thanks again for posting this!

  19. I adore your pillow. It is so lovely. I’ll have to dust off my crochet needles now Thanks for sharing

  20. Thanks for kind your comment, Barbara.I have over the years, sometimes embroidered, but they were more cross stitch patterns. I’m not crazy about that. When I was making the makeup bags, I started weaving yarn through the stitches, I do not know why, it just happened. I’ve used something similar on my square bag.When I started working with these white blocks, I soon realized I wanted to use another method to attach them to each other and it were cross-stitches. While I was doing this the rest went naturally. Each square “tells” you something different. I have not really used embroidery stitches, I think.I’ve always looked at the embroidery of others, I often find it very inspiring. For more info look at my inspiration post: http://elisabethandree.posterous.com/inspiration-8475. If other crocheters decorate their work in this way, I really do not know.

  21. Really, fantastically, dramatically, beautiful!!

  22. Elisabeth, this is really, really beautiful! I only wished I had paid more attention when we learned embroidery at school, I’d really love to try it! Is this your own idea or have you seen this technique somewhere?I hope you’re doing fine and wish you a happy week-end!

  23. the pillow is gorgeous!

  24. It’s Beautiful!!!

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  26. It looks fantastic! So original and so beautiful.