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hello everyone

in february this year i started this blog where i write about my crocheting activities. i have chosen to start a blog on posterous and so far i have no regrets. particularly the convenience and their customer service i think are very special.


but there are a few drawbacks

whenever you write a comment to me – next to your name – i can not see who wrote it. therefore i can not visit your blog in return unless i know you or if you mention your blog in your comment. so please do! 
some do already and it’s only happened once that i had to remove a message because the link went to a website with certain gels:) i felt a bit guilty about it because the lady wrote a sweet comment on my blog.

in addition, i can not see who has a subscription, except the people who are blogging also on posterous, nor can i see who like a post via facebook, i only know the number. that is why you have not received a thank you, it is not because i want to be rude to you.


a confession

some blogs i follow through facebook and i have a few e-mail subscriptions, also, i have a list of blogs that i regularly visit. link parties bring me to bloggers i am more ore less familiar with and put me on the trail of other creative people. anyone can follow a certain number of blogs, but my limit is quickly reached. i would like lots of blogs to follow, but i just can not cope. i actually do not want to write this here because my blog is dedicated to crochet, but maybe it is good when you know why. 

my inbox is overflowing and i have missed a few emails from family and friends. they can not call me because i am almost deaf, that is why mailing is important to us. my hearing loss is caused by a disease that also makes me not stand so firmly on my legs anymore and i often have to deal with double vision. that makes that i have trouble reading and writing (i can, but it goes slowly), and sometimes with crochet. i want to keep crocheting until it really is not possible anymore.

i hope you like what i do and make and – even better – find inspiration here on my blog.


a question to you
now a completely different subject. i would like to read about your experiences with etsy, as seller and buyer. do you know other online shops/websites where you can sell/buy homemade items? international because i live in holland, or perhaps you know a dutch site? what payment options are available and what are your experiences with it? 

please write to me, i would love it! next time we talk about crochet again.
to decorate this post full of words some photographs of flowers and plants in my garden.
see you soon!

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  2. I visited your blog and what a beautiful pictures! I wanted to post a comment on your website, but you only have a few profiles available, so it did not work. Now I send you it via this way.Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words and link.Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for joining your lovely Weekend Flowers. I´m glad you found us and share your beauty with us 🙂 http://leckeresfuermenschundkatze.blogspot.com/

  4. Hello, I found your blog through Weekend Flowers. You can see my submission atwww.snapthatpenny.blogspot.comI am a crocheter too but I haven’t had time for along time. It is nice that you enjoy crochet work. I hope you can do it for a long time to come.The only other shop I am familiar with on line is Artfire. It used to be free but now you have to pay something. I’m not sure how much. You can find the site at http://www.artfire.com/

  5. It was great to see you at Scrappy Saturdays, don’t forget to come back this weekend!

  6. Hi Elisabeth! I’ve been lucky enough to win another award, and of course you’re on top of my list again – if you’d like to pick it up, please come over to my blog! Have a lovely evening! 🙂

  7. Hi E! I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues 😦 Having some health problems myself, I know it’s not always easy. Hope you never have to stop crocheting, your work is amazing! Ps, lovely pictures 🙂

  8. I don’t know anything about crochet, but if yours is half as good as your photography, it’s wonderful! I love that beautiful white flower at the top. Glad you’re sharing them. Connie Smileyhttp://ozarkgrace.blogspot.com

  9. Hi Bimbi,Thanks for your reply. I don’t have a Google account, making it appear that I am frequently…..closed doors. It was really bad weather yesterday, but hopefully it will be a bit better today with more inspiring light.Till next time!

  10. Hi Casey!Gee, I could write this, I would preferably not have a credit card too. I understand what you mean by that deadline, I think about starting ‘something online’ for a couple of years. Thank you for your tip for bigcartel.com! Hopefully you soon be able to start a shop, success!Nice to meet you on Pinterest:)Have a lovely day!

  11. Hi AndreeThe pointy bottom was not intentional, I clearly made a mistake, but couldn’t bring myself to start again!!  Your instructions were excellent.Can’t you comment with your google account?  Or don’t you have one?  Isn’t it infuriating!Not much luck with the lovely day, pouring with rain, but I’ve just been out and bought myself some lovely fat quarters to play with :)Bimbi x

  12. Hello Bimbi,Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is new to me and I like it a lot! I wanted to post a message but I do not meet the profiles in your drop-down menu. I think your mesh bag is very well done and the flower makes it complete (pretty flower by the way).If you ever again want to make such a bag and you want the bottom less pointed, you can enlarge the base so your bag gets a rounder shape. Thanks again and have a lovely day!

  13. Love your beautiful flower shots!

  14. Hi Elizabeth, you have an excellent blog. Your photos are too good and I really enjoy your crochet post a lot. They are very inspiring. I really wish you would crochet forever. I don’t know about Etsy, so I can’t answer your question. Have a nice day.

  15. Hi Elisabeth! I think all of them have their problems. I’m continually frustrated with blogger (I follow via Google). Sorry I have no suggestions on Etsy variations. I have a shop with Zibbet but I wouldn’t recommend it – it’s good because it’s free but no-one goes there! I’ve been thinking of opening an Etsy store when we get back from Europe in October. Good luck with finding your answers! Kylie xhttp://kylie-3sheets.blogspot.com

  16. I follow you through google reader! I’ve been visiting for some time now, your blog is always full of great inspiration! I have no experience with Etsy, I was going to try it out but I don’t have a credit card to start a shop there. I’d like to not get one if I can manage it! I found bigcartel.com though, it seems like a great place to have a shop, I’m hopefully going to open one soon, (I need to make a deadline or it might never happen!)http://plus3crochet.blogspot.com

  17. Elisabeth, I understand what you say here.I have had only buying experience on Etsy, and have never been disappointed.This is a truly beautiful photograph and I thank you for sharing it today at The Creative Exchange.Have a wonderful day!lisa.http://www.lgordonphotography.com

  18. I follow your blog through Google Reader and have linked to it a few times in my weekly link love roundups on Crochet Concupiscence (www.crochetconcupiscence.com). Love seeing everything you’ve got to say!

  19. Your photos of flowers are beautiful. I do not know anything about Etsy but I have seen it mentioned in Kala’s blog which is http://amatterofhowyouseeit.com/.

  20. Love your crochet work and have used one of your patterns for a crochet mesh bag. I posted about it on my blog http://bimbipea.blogspot.com/I have bought things through DaWanda, but have no personal experience in selling.In order to follow you I pasted your posterous address into my reading list on blogger and your new posts appear there automatically.Bimbi x

  21. I am a follower, not on posterous though!! I blog in blogger!! I love your blog!! No idea about etsy!!

  22.  Dear Elisabeth,   I do not have any experience with Etsy, so please share the feedback you get in your newsletter!   Thanks,   Marielise

  23. What an interesting blog lay-out, with your photos separate. Lovely white pelargonium.

  24. Hello,Just wanted to let you know that I’m a follower you don’t know about as I’m not on Posterous!I’ve just opened a Facebook shop – it’s free so that’s got to be a good start! I also sell on Folksy which is a UK handmade version of Etsy… might be worth a go?http://thecraftersapprentice.blogspot.com

  25. Lovely flower 🙂