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first i intended to make a tutorial, but then i thought it isn’t very special, so i only published some photo’s with a brief explanation. but now, here is the tutorial for you, by special request of amy.

the flowers i have crocheted over a year ago and i really do not remember how it evolved. i think – on the basis of a pattern – i tried a few things and it has become this little flower. they were originally meant to sew around the edge of a white scarf.

used materials and stitches


  • (leftover) cotton yarn
  • small buttons with 4 holes for the necklace
  • 1 button with 2 holes for the bracelet
  • crochet hook sizes 2 – 2.5 mm
  • sewing thread in a matching color
  • a needle with a blunt point
  • chain = ch
  • ss = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • h dc = half double crochet

how to make the flowers

  1. start with a magic ring
  2. don’t start with a ch, but make 6 sc into the ring (not too tight, especially not your first stitch)
  3. close the magic ring and ss into the first sc
  4. don’t start with a ch, but crochet 1 h dc and 1 ss into the same stitch as the ss
  5. in the next 5 sc you make: 2 h dc and 1 ss
  6. cut the yarn and finish the flower with needle and thread in the first stitch (which is the ss) and the last stitch you have made in the following way:

weave in both ends but only cut one off, because you need a thread to attach the flower onto the necklace. i did not cut the yarn ends until i had sewn the flower on the necklace .

how to make the necklace

  1. crochet a number of chains until you reach the length you like to have, then close it into to a ring (try to avoid turning and twisting).
  2. make 2 ch and crochet 1 h dc into the next ch and into all the chains till end of row. 
  3. finish the necklace with a ss or rather with needle and yarn in the same way as you did with the flowers (photo 1,2,3)
  4. (if you like to make a belt for example you don’t close the chains into a ring but, but at the end you turn, then make 1 h dc into the 3rd ch from hook and into all the chains till the end of row. repeat this row if you want it wider).

how to attach the flowers onto the necklace

  1. define where you want to sew the flowers onto the necklace
  2. you have 1 thread left on each flower. all flowers have a little dent and that is where you sew the yarn to the front (pictures 2 – 5)
  3. sew the yarn through two holes of a button (picture 6)
  4. sew the yarn with a flower and button onto the necklace. see pictures 7 – 12 how to do that. 
  5. sew the button by pulling the yarn through the two remaining holesnote: pull on the yarn but not too tight, so the flower can dangle a little
  6. weave in the end at the back side of the necklace.note: try to avoid bumps of yarn on the back of your necklace. 

with a contrasting color yarn you can make basting stitches and more secure the buttons. 



how to make the flower bracelet

  1. start with making 3 ch and then ss into the dent of the first flower
  2. crochet 3 ch and ss into the next flower, repeat this untill you have the desired length
  3. end with 3 ch
  4. close the bracelet into a ring (try to avoid turning and twisting) by attaching the first and the last chain together, you can do this in the following way:
  5. cut the yarn after the last chain stitch
  6. sew the yarn through a button and then into the first chain stitch, sew securely
  7. to make it extra solid i have sewn some stitches with plain sewing yarn.
that’s it!
hope you like the tutorial and that you will make many pretty flower bracelets and necklaces!

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