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how to make a mesh bag


how can i crochet a mesh bag myself? i received this question a couple of times in response to the week of mesh bags. i promised to write down a how to for a basic mesh bag with which you can make your own variations. 

how to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andrée how to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andréehow to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andrée

a few notes
  • the type of yarn you work with has its own character and will influence the appearance of the bag
  • it is important not to crochet too loosely
  • when attaching a new ball or a different color attach it extra tightly, weaving the threads in, make a knot and weaving in again. this is because the tension on the thread when you use the bag
  • do not be tempted to make your bag too big because there’s a lot of stretch in it. especially if you’re a smaller sized person it happens that you drag your bag on the floor when it is filled

in this mesh pattern

how to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andrée
  • you make chains and sc, but if you like you can replace the sc for dc
  • at the beginning of a row you always start with 1 ch and 1 sc over the last stitch of the previous row
  • to increase you make the rows with a different number of chains and at the end of a row you finish into the first sc with a stitch that makes you end at the top of a chain space (see photo’s):
  1. 3 ch end with 1 ch and 1 h dc
  2. 4 ch end with 2 ch and 1 h dc
  3. 5 ch end with 2 ch and 1 dc
  4. 6 ch end with 3 ch and 1 dc
  5. 7 ch end with 3 ch and 1 tr
  6. 8 ch end with 4 ch and 1 tr 
  7. if you make larger chain spaces (10, 12, 20 chains) you end a row with a sc into the first sc and ss to the top of the next ch space
used materials and stitches

for this tutorial i have made a small sized bag (though he reaches my ankles, but i’m only 160 cm)

how to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andrée

  • cotton 8 (that is a basic cotton yarn)
  • 1 skein for the main color, i used lilac
  • and a selection of other colors, no whole skeins necessary
  • crochet hook size 3 mm
  • used stitches (american terms): 
  1. chain = ch
  2. slip stitch = ss
  3. single crochet = sc
  4. double crochet = dc
  5. treble = tr

pattern for the bag

start with a magic ring

  • row 1. 3 ch (= first dc and 1 ch), *1 dc, 1 ch*, repeat between * * until you have 11 dc and 11 ch (= total of 12), ss to 2nd ch addition: this row forms the basis for you bag, but you can make this basis as large as you like. you can use any round pattern small or large and then start with the mesh pattern. a larger round basis creates a rounder shaped bag. the pattern you are reading now creates a little more narrow shape.
  • row 2. 1 ch, 1 sc in the first 1 ch space, *3 ch, 1 sc in the next space*, repeat between * * till second last space,
    see notes about how to start and end every row
  • row 3. 4 ch
  • row 4. 5 ch
  • row 5. 6 ch
  • row 6. 7 ch
  • row 7. 8 ch
  • row 8. 4 ch, *1 sc, 4 ch, 1 sc, 4 ch* repeat between * * in every 8 ch space till end of row


  • row 9 – 12. repeat rows 4 – 7
  • if you like to make your bag wider repeat rows 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • continue crocheting row 7 until the body of your bag has the size you want.


top part of the body

how to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andrée

  • row a. make 5 ch, 2 sc, 5 ch, in every ch space, end the row with 1 sc next to the first sc, ss into first sc
  • row b. no ch but make a sc into the first ch space, make another 4 sc in the same space, 1 sc in next two sc, make 5 sc into all the other spaces and 1 sc in every sc
  • tie off yarn 
  • row c. attach another color, 2 ch, 1 h dc in every sc until end of row, tie of yarn 
  • row d and e. attach another color, 2 ch, 1 h dc in every stitch until end of row, tie of yarn
  • row f. 3 ch (= first h dc and 1 ch), *skip 1 stitch, 1 h dc in next stitch*, repeat between * * till end of row, tie of yarn
  • row g. attach another color into first 1 ch space, 2 ch and 1 h dc in same space, *2 h dc in next 1 ch space*, repeat between * * till end of row, tie of yarn
  • row h and i. attach another color, 2 ch, 1 h dc in every stitch until end of row, tie of yarn


  • measure the width of the top edge of your bag and decide where you would like to have the handles, my handles begin en end 9 cm from each side.
  • to be sure i’ve used row f. as my reference: i counted the spaces between the handles at the front and back side (18 spaces) and i counted the spaces between the handles on both sides (24)


attach main color on a side of your bag
  • row 1. 2 ch, h dc in every stitch until the stitch where you want to start the first handle, make a number of chains until your handle has the length you want, 1 h dc into the stitch where you want to end you first handle, 1 h dc in every stitch until you reach the stitch where you want to begin your second handle, make the same number of chains as for your first handle, 1 h dc into the stitch where you want to end your second handle, h dc in every stitch until end of row, ss to first stitch
  • row 2. 2 ch, 1 h dc in every h dc and every ch, end with ss in first sc
  • row 3. repeat row 2
  • tie of yarn as describes before

attach another color
  • ss in every h dc in the back loops only
  • tie of yarn as describes before
how to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andrée
  • attach another color in the first stitch of the part between the beginning and end of a handle and ss in every stitch in the back loops only until end of row
  • tie of yarn as described before
  • repeat this on the other side of the bag
how to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andrée
  • weave in remaining ends.

your bag is now ready for use!

how to make a mesh bag by elisabeth andrée


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