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here in holland it is actually summer, but the weather …. storm and rain, even this young jackdaw is soaked. i have given him a peanut and on the picture you see that he is peeling it.


i am not going outside just for fun and it would be a good opportunity to finish these three makeup bags. only the lining and the zipper need to be done, but i’m reluctant because i’m not a star with the sewing machine and then the zipper… to be continued…

here are a few pictures


36 thoughts on “makeup bags

  1. These are really lovely …so unusual.

  2. I know how you feel – zippers always scare me. Your bags look fabulous – love the happy fresh colours 🙂 Kx

  3. I’m a little bit puzzled – what kind of pattern is this? It looks very interesting and unique! I think the bags will turn out lovely! By the way: the weather in Germany is not much better, it changes from 35 degrees on one day to 15 degrees and rain the next day (today’s a 15 degrees day *gg*)

  4. Hello Barbara, It is a bit annoying that we have to do with the weird temperature fluctuations. The wind is blowing really hard here, like it’s October. The birds have wet feathers and I just saw a pigeon that nearly blew out of a tree. Bizarre. The stitch pattern is not very exciting: dc, ch, dc. The different colors yarn you see, I weaved through the stitches, like embroidery. I really enjoyed doing that and it gave my fingers some rest from crocheting. The black part was made of hdc in the two back loops only, but I will come back to that another time because I am making a bag right now of only those stitches and I will write down the pattern to publish it on my blog. Hope you are fine! Have a good weekend, with a lot of sunshine….

  5. These are lovely!

  6. lovely– so delicate and pretty!

  7. Thanks Bron.

  8. Hello Kylie, Thanks for your compliment:)

  9. Thank you Sam!

  10. They look gorgeous!

  11. SOOO cute! Id love one of these!

  12. Oo, such nice and fresh little bags! They will look fabulous when finished! (they look fab already 🙂 )

  13. These are beautiful!! I love the colors! I am currently teaching myself to crochet! Maybe this could go on my project list!! I found your blog through the “finding fabulous” link party!!

  14. 🙂 Hi Limar, thanks for your sweet words:)

  15. Thank you Rita!

  16. Thank you Rita!

  17. Hi Jess, …you never know:)

  18. Hello Jessica, What good of you to learn to crochet, I hope you enjoy it! If you ever start to crochet a makeup bag and you have questions about it, please let me know. Maybe I can help you, you never know. Thank you for your compliment!

  19. We have similar weather here in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Your crochet is lovely and brightens any dreary day.

  20. Hi Carol, It rains in the wrongs parts of the world, isn’t it? Thanks you for your sweet words:) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  21. How cute are these? I love the colours! I’m into brights at the moment! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thanks for your comment, Ruth:)

  23. These are beautiful! Love the colors and patterns that you created. Amazing.. can’t wait to see how they look with the lining and zippers! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo party.. can’t wait to see what you share next week!

  24. Hi Amie, Thanks for your enthusiastic reaction and thank you for hosting. It is nice to visit you website. Have a nice day!

  25. How very pretty! I love little crochet “bags” like this!

  26. Thanks for your comment, Shoregirl:)

  27. Rainy there and unbelievable hot here in the middle of the US. Whew. we are inside too.Love the idea of the crocheted makeup bags. Can’t wait to see the finished product.Thanks so much for linking up to Motivated Monday at BeColorfulPam

  28. I forgot to say how much I liked your color choices. Superb. Pam

  29. Hope the rain stops for you soon! Those bags look very cute! Good luck with the zips!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you have a great week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  30. Hi Pam, Thanks for your kind message, it was nice to read. With a couple of people from all over the world we could fill a blog with our experiences with the weather, couldn’t we?:) I will do my best to get the lining in the make up bags neatly…. Have a nice day!

  31. Oooh, this is going to be good! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Thanks for linking up at EBTKS this week! Maybe we’ll see the final tomorrow? 🙂

  32. Hello Meg, Still not finished……I have to skip a week. Thanks for your kind comment and for hosting. I wish you a nice day!

  33. I’m so grateful that you linked up in this week’s Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop 🙂 This awesome post totally rocked the party!

  34. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished bags! :)Thank you for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!I hope to see more of your creativity this weekend! :)xoxo,VanessaPS: I’m ready for summer as well! 🙂 The leaves are even starting to change color..

  35. Hello Vanessa, Summer…what exactly is that again? 🙂 The last photo’s on your website are superb! Thank you for your kind words and for hosting again. Really nice:) Wish you a lovely weekend!

  36. Hello Vanessa, Summer…what exactly is that again? 🙂 The last photo’s on your website are superb! Thank you for your kind words and for hosting again. Really nice:) Wish you a lovely weekend!