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a week of mesh bags – wednesday


mesh and stripes

this bag i made from only catania yarn. ecru is the base color while i used a rainbow of colors for the stripes.

mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée   mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée

Img_454mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée7
mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée
mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée
mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée

same colors for a little girl or boy
small mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée
small mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée
small mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée
shopping together
small mesh and stripes bag by elisabeth andrée
tomorrow mesh bag number four, here on my blog.


you can click on the day to see the bag


16 thoughts on “a week of mesh bags – wednesday

  1. Love the colours, I have to say that all your crocheting is attractive not only because of the patterns and the stitches, but also because of the colours that you use.

  2. Wauw!
    Ze zijn geweldig. Alle kleuren zijn prachtig, maar de kleurencombi van de Friday-tas in het bijzonder vind ik zo ontzettend mooi: heel speciale combi en het pakt geweldig uit. Het patroon ervan is trouwens ook prachtig.
    Dank voor het delen en een fijn weekeinde gewenst!

  3. Is there a pattern for this!?

  4. @ Jenny Emm: good day to you.
    I don’t have a pattern for this bag but you can try this one: https://elisabethandree.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/how-to-make-a-mesh-bag

  5. To Pamela Thacker,Thank you so much for your kind message. Maybe you want to let me know your email address? Please mail me: aboutcrochet@gmail.com. I can not find you via a search on Google. Of course I like to make a bag for you, the rainbow bag is for sale too. I like to hear from you!

  6. Just checking to see if you would happen to be willing to make just a plain rainbow purse like the one at the top with the pretty flowers. I love the design, myself i am not nearly as good as you are. So i would be lost of where to even begin. But, if you would be interested in making a bag for sale. Please email me and let me know, Thanks so much…

  7. Awesome Bags!!! They are perfect for summer!

  8. I love the colors you chose. These remind me of my grandmother’s doilies! So pretty! Thanks for linking to Handy Man, Crafty Woman Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  9. Really love the colors that you choose and how you work them together!

  10. Thank you so much for linking up to Sew Woodsy today.

  11. looks very cute and fun

  12. These are absolutely beautiful Elisabeth!Your choice of colors could not possibly have been more perfect for them.Such a wonderful summertime feel.

  13. I’m kind of in love with your sense of color. Everything is so pretty! Will definitely be back for doses of inspiration.

  14. That’s my favorite one so far, it looks so friendly. There’s nothing like the Catania colors, I think. Can’t wait to see the “real” pink one (although yesterday’s bag looks like pink to me, too :))

  15. beautiful work! your designs are so pretty.

  16. Looking beautiful… I love the bright colors!