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a week of mesh bags – monday


good to see you here again!

the last 10 – 14 days i could not stop myself making mesh bags. i always enjoyed making these bags but this time i wanted to use other types of yarn, slightly different details and color combinations. i always crocheted with basic cotton yarn but now i worked with punto color and catania (both schachenmayr) and crochet hooks sizes 3 and 3,5 mm.-

mesh week
this week, every day you can see here another mesh bag and i hope you enjoy it. if you like to, do not hesitate to comment.
green mesh

this bag i keep for myself although he is a little bit too long for my length when he is filled and stretched.

and more photos…



you can click on the day to see the bag

9 thoughts on “a week of mesh bags – monday

  1. Your bags are lovely. The colours are so bright and welcoming – the pink and yellow particularly. I must have a go with some brighter yarn that the blue I used last time!Thanks for your comment, BTW.

  2. How cute! I love your mesh bag and the flowers are the perfect touch. So unique and lovely!

  3. I like this bag – very pretty. 🙂

  4. Hello Hannah, Thank you for your comment:) For the bags I have not really used a pattern. I first made ​​a round base and then I continued with ch and sc. At the top edge and the handles you see h dc, back loops only. This helped you? If not, please let me know? The flower I have more or less accidentally discovered when I was trying a pattern for a square, but did not like it. I thought it was a shame to rip it out completely, so I kept the center and changed it a bit.Have a nice day!

  5. they are lovely. what pattern did you use?

  6. i love the little details (flowers and button)! So you’ll keep this one for yourself – I wonder what you will be doing with the others. You’ll probably tell us tomorrow, right? Have a nice evening! 🙂

  7. Very nice! I like the flower decorations on it.

  8. so pretty! thanks for sharing. i really like the colors- especially the green/black…

  9. These are so nice, and perfect for the summer! 🙂 The green/black one is gorgeous!