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my mother and one of my brothers are celebrating their birthdays.



for my mother, i crocheted covers for glass vases with pink kalanchoes. actually i wanted to use white orchids which i had grown from seeds, but those plants are only 3 cm high at this moment. too tiny. for the covers i have used this pattern, i only made the center differently and for the upper part of the glass, i ad some extra chains evenly spread.





for my brother who has become 50 years, i crocheted a cushion cover made ​​of 50 blue denim granny squares. an extra square for the coming year i have sewn on the cover like a little pocket.



15 thoughts on “birthday presents

  1. Your jar covers make a simple/plain glass or vase quite beautiful~

  2. I love your work!


  4. Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!Hope to see more of your creativity tonight! :)xoxo,Vanessa

  5. Gorgeous gifts! Love the glass vase cover!Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!Hope you have a great week!Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. The vase jacket looks great. Fantastic idea for someone who has everything…

  7. What wonderful gifts! Thanks for sharing them at this week’s BFF link party.

  8. Oh Andree, the jar covers are really nice colors and I love the flower on the side. Still waiting to move with projects still on hold, like the beautiful scarf you graciously gave the pattern for. The pillow is special and so are the beautiful flowers you posted. I love coming to your blog. I feel there is something very special about you.

  9. oh, my projects are not that spectacular. I just liked the form of the glasses, they’re quite small and I think they could be used both as tealight holders or tiny vases. I’ve tried three different styles so far, and I’m quite satisfied with the result. I’m sure I’ll be posting the pictures on my blog one day!

  10. Hello Vanessa, Thanks again for your kind comment. We both have mothers with beautiful gardens, small (the gardens:)) but full of beautiful flowers. xo

  11. Hello Barbara,You’re far too kind to me:) It seems really special about what you write about your 18-piece set of glasses. I am curious what you will do it (photo’s!?). Wishing you a lovely week too!

  12. What fun and personal gifts! I love especially the vase cover – what a cute idea! :)Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, too! Btw, my mom’s backyard is really small, but packed with cute little details. ;)xoxo,Vanessa

  13. Hi Elisabeth,it’s always a pleasure to visit your site! I love the covered vases, I’ve been making lots of jar jackets recently. A while ago I’ve even bought a 18-piece set of glasses for the mere purpose to use them in my crochet projects 🙂 You’ve got such a fine taste for colors and the flowers match just perfectly!And I like the idea of the cushion with 50 + 1 squares for your brother, these are really nice presents for your family!Wishing you a lovely week,Barbara

  14. They’re both very nice presents – I especially love the glass jackets. 🙂