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happy sleeves – tutorial – part 2


happy-sleeves by elisabeth andrée

let’s continue with the happy sleeves. you missed part 1? 


fold the two sleeves in half lengthwise and with the right side up and the last row on the top, it looks like this.

happy-sleeves by elisabeth andrée
you can now see and mark where you going to make the cuffs.

cuff first sleeve

attach yarn to the wrong side of the sleeve in the first space (= tr)
row 1. 2 ch (= sc and 1 ch), 1 sc in first space (same space), *1 ch, 1 sc in cluster stitch, 1 ch, 1 sc in space*, repeat between * * till end of row end with 1 sc in cluster stitch, 2 ch, turn


row 2. is the same as row 2 of the pattern for the sleeves (the cluster stitches), ch 3, turn

row 3. 1 h dc between first and next cluster stitches, *1 ch, 1 h dc between next cluster stitches*, repeat between * * till end of row, end with 1 h dc in last cluster stitch

repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have the desired width end with row 2

cuff second sleeve

repeat this for the other cuff only you start row 1 in the first cluster stitch

the back part

the back you make in two parts
  • attach your yarn the same way as you did for your cuffs, but on the other side of the sleeves.
  • row 1. is simular to row 1 for the cuffs
  • row 2 and further rows are the same as the pattern for the sleeves.
  • crochet both sides halfway you back
  • pin sleeves and back to see if it all fits well and adjust if necessary
  • finish and fasten off
the seams of the sleeves and back side
  • fold the sleeves in half lengthwise with wrong side up
  • crochet the corresponding stitches together with a sc and make 1 chain between them
  • make sure you close your sleeves not too far up because that will be uncomfortably under your arms
  • occasionally put on the sleeves to see you still should continue seaming. crocheting the edge makes the sleeves tighter also
  • seam the back also on the wrong side


the edge all around you make by crocheting sc evenly spread. sometimes you make two stitches in a space, sometimes one. 
and in the part under your armpit you crochet together three stitches.
i have crocheted three rows and the last two rows, i worked in the back loops only.
i hope the tutorial is clear enough and that you now have a garment that you like to wear.
happy-sleeves by elisabeth andrée
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  1. Oh… how I love that. Thank you for the tutorial. I’ve been looking for one for a long time. Btw, I love love love your blog. Definitely a new follower. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you so much for the finished tutorial on these cute sleeves and linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!Hope to see you again this weekend!xoxo,Vanessa

  3. I love this! Definitely going to give this a go, I think they would be great for my ballet class

  4. very nice colour! i’m working on a silk shrug very similar…

  5. Girl This is amazing tutorial! I love this! Thanks!