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candy color scarf – part 4 – what kind of yarn


for anyone else who wonders what kind of yarn is suitable for the candy color scarf: with any type of yarn you can create a different effect.
i used micro bamboo schachenmayr nomotta: 50% viscose bamboo – 50% acrylic – 50 gr, 145 m – which is very soft – and a crochet hook size 3 mm.

the yarn looks like this (close up):

yarn for candy color scarf by elisabeth andrée
yarn for candy color scarf by elisabeth andrée
yarn for candy color scarf by elisabeth andrée

i first tested the pattern with catania mercerized cotton and although it looks very pretty it did not give the effect i wanted. it was not flexible and soft enough for a scarf. i am sure thick acrylic yarn also gives a nice look.

candy color scarf by elisabeth andrée
candy color scarf by elisabeth andrée
hope this helps! 

you can find the tutorial for the candy color scarf in three parts, here are the links:

  • part 1 – materials and stitches used, explanation of rows 1, 2 and 3, another technique when changing colors
  • part 2 – row 4 and how you can attach the squares together
  • part 3 – the edge – ready to wear
have a nice weekend!

7 thoughts on “candy color scarf – part 4 – what kind of yarn

  1. thank you so much for such clear and detailed info, am eager to start now.Thanks for sharing your motivation and inspiration. X

  2.   Hi Andree`   Your English is wonderful, certainly better then my Dutch which is none at all. lol I have a Ravelry account and a facebook. Though I am not sure how to use either one as communication. The only person I converse with is my homeopath from Norway and if need be we use either email or skype.  I can learn any of them. Your offer is kind and will take you up on it for sure. I also bought a very basic sewing machine to make linings for the purses I, eventually, want to make. Never sewed  before, but I really feel this is the time I want to spend creating and leaning something new that will fill time. I live alone and not as well as I would like to be. This gives me something to look forward to. I read a quite a bit of blogs, but for some reason some are more special than others. I found yours to be such.   See now you are going to force to me learn this camera..it’s a good thing because I procrastinate so much of the time.I know if I learn it might even be fun and worth while.   Again, thank you for the kind offer. Susan

  3. Hi Susan, What sweet of you to write those compliments and it really does me well! Honestly.I just looked at the yarn on caron.com and it seems a good alternative. What particularly caught my attention was….and ultimate drape… That’s what you need for this pattern. The choice of this yarn and your choice of colors give your scarf a personal touch (is this proper English?). You write that you have not so much experience with crocheting I’d like to offer you some support when you need it. Are you on Facebook and/or Ravelry? If so, you can find me there. We can easily share photos and questions/answers via those websites. We’ll keep in touch.

  4. Hi Andree’   So nice of you to look for me. I am thinking this yarn might be a good substitute. What do you think? Here is the site I found it on. http://www.naturallycaron.com/shade_cards/spa_sh.html . I don’t know how much the cost of yarn is in the Netherlands, but it is pretty expensive here compared to like England. Elizabeth Cat just visited the Netherlands and said yarn was much more expensive then in your country. Interesting we can communicate from such a far distance and it makes me happy to do so. Still I love yarn. Next, month I will order this yarn if I can’t find it in my town and then start your scarf. I am pretty new to crochet so we will see. ; ) I also have a camera but need to learn to use it. Will do that before I finish the scarf so I can show you.   You are such a good person and for some reason I really liked your blog from the minute I seen it.   Thanks again, Susan  

  5. Hi Susan, On Ravelry I found that Schachenmayr nomotta is a brand under Coats. Maybe you can send Coats an email asking for a good substitute? Hopefully this is a good suggestion?

  6. Hi Susan, A few other projects… that sounds familiar:) I will also try to figure out which yarn can be used as a substitute. Let me know when your scarf is ready I’m very curious about the result. Success and have fun with crocheting.

  7. I looked for this yarn here in the states and didn’t come up with anything, but I will try to look for something comparable. Probably in merino wool or blend. After I am done with a few other projects this scarf is a must.. Really appreciate your taking the time to write out this pattern. I remember looking at a pattern similar and loving it so it is definetly my style. Can’t wait to get the right yarn and get started.