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old pictures, new bunting


earlier this week i told you about the inspiration i got from dottie angel’s garland. last summer something similar happened when i looked at sarah london’s website. there were the pictures of her granny garland. it reminded me of curtains my mother made in the seventies and eighties. i only found one photo which shows you something of her work. i think the photo was taken between 1978 and 1980 (not sure) and yes that’s me in that yellow thing with my mum and dad, but look at the curtain not at us.


i was inspired and i figured out how to make meshy things and this is my version of triangles on a string.

are you inspired too? 

each how-to-learn-crochet-book explains this method of reduction and increase,
so hopefully you’re the lucky owner of such a book. 

pattern to buy: http://sarahlondon.wordpress.com/p-a-t-t-e-r-n-s/  (pdf)
enjoy your weekend!



3 thoughts on “old pictures, new bunting

  1. Prachtige foto, Andre??! Ik heb ook associaties met de dingen die mijn moeder vroeger (en soms nog steeds gelukkig) maakte. De slinger is goed gelukt! Groetjes, Sandra

  2. What kind of you to write me this, thank you for your compliments! I will tell my mum about this. 

  3. Your mum’s curtains are EXQUISITE! — oh, the time, energy & love that must have gone into crocheting those….And your bunting is oh, so fabulous!