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festive blanket – white


for someone like me who prefers black and white combined with green and yellow shades in her interior, a complete white festive blanket would be beautiful. but which name suits? the yoghurt blanket and for yellow a banana blanket? sometimes i am surprised about how strong a type of yarn can influence the final result of my work. hopefully the photos are good enough to show you that the squares are made of different types of yarn.

how to make the festive blanket see:
  1. part 1 – the blanket
  2. part 2 – the edge
on pictures
  • large white: acrylic yarn, hook size 4 mm 
  • middle: mercerized cotton, hook size 3 mm 
  • small: cotton, hook size 1,75 mm 
  • white with yellow acrylic yarn 
  • yellow: acrylic yarn, hook size 4 mm

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