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today no words about crochet but about what is happening in the world, that it all touches me, and so does the situation in japan. besides the loss how do you get such a chaos back to a more or less normal life with its daily ups and downs? to me it is beyond comprehension.

i don’t know why but there was this unexpected thought in my head: maru…did he survive? you probably think, i lost you now, who is maru? maru is a handsome cat who lives in japan, you can find a lot about him on cuteoverload (if you love animals, this site is almost a must). the thought was a little bit stuck in my head so i took my ipad (love that thing) – opened safari – typed where is maru? on his owner’s blog was a short message: maru is save. thanks you for worrying and praying. seems that i am not the only softy and that more people had the same thought.

i’ve stolen this picture -i do apologize- just to show you maru, here in his blue coat watching the rain fall down.


tomorrow we just talk about crochet again.




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One thought on “his blue raincoat

  1. Hello Elisabeth,Thanks for stopping by.What a sweetie. So very cute. I am glad he/she is all right and save.Groetjes, Monique