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while busy crocheting a lot of japanese squares for my new summer blanket, i will tell you about the first blanket i’ve ever crocheted. i made it in a filet pattern, size two by two meters. the photo was taken in my first apartment in 1982 and as you can see the blanket is confiscated by bridget my fluffy dog.


i still have the blanket but he is full of holes and i do not mean the mesh pattern. i’ve had two bunny’s too and they really loved this bedspread… but in the wrong way… i’ve tried to repair the blanket but i was not satisfied with the result. after almost 30 years the thing feels like a rug so i might use it as such in the garden this summer.


2 thoughts on “first blanket

  1. Hi ClaraThanks for sharing!

  2. I think the blanket looks beautiful and it has stood the test of time. Unfortunately little doggies nails take a toll on crocheted items.Have a look here where others are linking about their first/oldest crochet projects:http://frou-frou.co.uk/2011/03/sharing-oldest-project/