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summer blanket – episode 3

shells and shades

on several blogs i see people crocheting with a wide variety of very pretty and seductive colors and that makes it hard not to let go my original idea for my summer blanket. especially because weather and light are so gray. i have to keep in mind the hot days and nights upcoming summer will bring to us and that a sea of white with soft tones will be very pleasing.

what brought me to my choice of colors was a postcard i bought years ago when i visited texel, the island where my oldest brother lives. i scanned the postcard to show you the two shells with beautiful subtle colors and i think the squares i’ve crocheted have similar ones. maybe, just maybe i use a brownish color (254 taupe) for a small detail on my blanket… not sure yet. i’ll keep you posted.

picture postcard by matthijs heins


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