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summer blanket – episode 2


beautiful japanese square


for my summer blanket i use:

on picture above:

1. catania schachenmayr nomotta

100% mercerized cotton, 50 g, 125 m, nld. 2,5 – 3,5.
  • 105 natur  – main color
  • 248 leinen – bottom right
  • 255 perle – bottom left
  • 172 silber – top right
2. markoma larra (? not sure, i lost the labels)
100% mercerized cotton, 50 g, nld. 2,5 – 3,5.

color number unknown – grayish shade –  on the photo: top left.





4 thoughts on “summer blanket – episode 2

  1. Perfection! Exactly what I’ve been envisioning for my own Summer blanket.
    (I can’t tell you how long I’ve been deliberating over it… at this rate it won’t be ready until next January lol)
    You wouldn’t happen to care enough to share where you got the pattern for this beautiful Japanese Square would you?
    Pretty, pretty pleeeease 😉
    I’d be eternally grateful x

  2. Hello Barb,Thank you for stopping by and your kind words! It is time that I continue with this blanket, but first a few other things.Thanks again.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous…the motifs & colors are perfect! It’s nice to see an afghan with these gentle, soothing tones. I love it!